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  1. Isn't chopped banana in cold custard just the best pudding in the world!

  2. Sorry you haven't had a answer to your question. It's quite abnormal to get an answer on this forum, especially quickly. Your best bet is to google the problem your having, or head over to XDA. The only thing I can confirm is that TWRP is fine - I used it.
  3. Well i had a Good Saturday instead of Friday. Happy easter everyone. Don't forget clocks go forward :-)

  4. Sometimes you just have to get a grip, and learn to want something else.

  5. Any follow up opinions?
  6. BiggerBaloo

    official Nexus 7 dock available

    I managed to get one, and I must say I'm quite disappointed with it. I wish I'd looked for some others, or maybe a universal one, but I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting a genuine one - thinking it would be better. It doesn't sit perfectly against the terminals, and at almost every touch loses connection to the dock (it's no better for the non-3g one either, my son has one) It doesn't charge anywhere near as good as it should (even when you plug the same mains charger in) - if your watching a video with it sat in the dock, your draining more power than your putting in. You can't USB tether when sat in the dock by connecting the dock to the computer No speakers built in (but I knew that before I bought it) - just has a 3.5 mm audio jack on the back It doesn't come with it's own power source (again I knew, but think it's a shame) I think it should be referred to as a holder as opposed to a dock, since that's really all it's good for. I don't think it represents good value, and it's the last time I opt genuine in the hope for better quality.
  7. Hi, I love having the long press number keys. But would also love to see cursor keys similar to my phone. I don't have the most nimble of fat fingers, and placing a cursor exactly where i want it to correct a spelling mistake can take several attempts. Is it a possibility? Many thanks
  8. BiggerBaloo

    Trial Pay woes

    Just thought I'd let people know this has now been resolved (so don't let it put anyone off). Paul turned out to be very helpful after a PM. Many thanks
  9. BiggerBaloo

    Trial Pay woes

    Over 100 views, and no response. That builds confidence. At least the flowers got delivered.
  10. BiggerBaloo

    Trial Pay woes

    http://db.tt/ozVt8i1R http://db.tt/DajXRPki Images of the proof, in case anyone thinks the newbie is trying to blag it.
  11. Great work, loving it. Is anyone having issues with the official eBay app? Mine freezes, so I'm forced to just use chrome. No biggy, and I've uninstalled the app to remove temptation after much swearing :-)
  12. BiggerBaloo

    Trial Pay woes

    I have just spent an absolute fortune on flowers for my ex, to try supporting MoDaCo, (oh ok, I`m hoping for some nookie too) but fear I may of been scammed. Has anyone used it successfully? I paid using google wallet, and have the receipt from them, and I can only hope the flowers will be delivered. But I was kinda hoping to get access to the kitchen to fine tune the awesome Nexus 7 ROM. The `offer` is not showing as complete in the trial pay, and the help system they use gives me a link to a page which is supposed to allow me to upload proof, but it just ends up in a cycle. Fingers crossed.

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