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  1. Meant to thank you. Absolutely there are lots of choices for 4.3 Roms on the Nexus 4, the Motorola Xoom and many phones and tablets. I use them. I was hoping my favorite ROM - Modaco - would have one.
  2. I have a Nexus 4. I bought a subscription to Paul's Kitchen. I totally get that Paul has a life and is busy. And I hope house his Rom's again. There ate so many 4.3 choices now for the nexus 4 and ironically I installed 4.3 on the old trusted Motorola Xoom. Developers aresogreat.
  3. Hi. I have the bumper and it charges fine with it on.
  4. Minor update or not. Installed without a hitch. Paul do tell a little of what to visualize in the next release. Thank you.
  5. I ordered and received the PowerQI from China. Cheaper then Google's and I could order it. It came already. Works like a charm.
  6. I do get LTE on Rogers Network. Google has no desire to leave it accessible. Clearly they made an error to begin with. If you want LTE you need to root and install old baseband.
  7. Brand new member. Flashed the Kitchen Jr8 with old baseband. LTE working. All seems as it should. Nice job and thank you.
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