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  1. Hi everybody, i'd like to know if there's any way to increase video recording speed in low light conditions. According to me it's quite slow getting smooth only when it focuses on the subject with the flash on. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english
  2. Hi everybody I'd like to know if i can restore the backup from Huawei's "All Backup" in this rom. I searched online but i can't find a version of All Backup working on JB. Thanks in advance ;-)
  3. Sorry if i ask but... is there any way to make the keyboard go faster? It's really sooooooo slow :) Thanks in advance 'cause the rom is perfect for me :D
  4. mero90

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Someone has a link to download the newest paul's kernel? I can't find it anywhere... Thanks :)

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