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  1. The problem is not that I am not getting into CWM. I get into the new CWM version but I can't move through options.
  2. Hi guys, so I messed up my android rom and I couldn't boot to cyanogen. For some reason I found it a good idea to update my clockworkmod before reinstalling cyanogen. So I used Razzmataz's version of ClockWorkmod with the zip instalaltion method (install it inside my old 4.x cwm). Installation completed successfully however now when I get into the new cwm I cannot navigate with the volume keys. Only the power key works for selecting... so now I cannot install the new cyanogen rom from the zip. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  3. Sorry for the offtopic question, but I was wondering what is the difference between GooglePlayServices.apk and gmsCore.apk .... I know that both seem to be for google play services. But the one in this topic's -old- gapps package (gmsCore.apk) is about half the size than the one on C3C0's (GooglePlayServices.apk). Any clues?
  4. Thanks for the reply Sosakovo. I found out that it was a hardware issue... BTW, whoever wants gapps with calendar sync download this gapps zip. It's the same like in the first post with the difference that it also includes GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk. Of course you can download the gapps from paranoidjelly2 but I find the ones in this thread more "stripped".
  5. I have calibrated, restored, recalibrated etc. but nothing... :mellow:
  6. Hey Wacky.ddw, could you tell me how much system space will 06/01/2013 mod release and paranoidjelly2 gapps take?
  7. Thank you. Sorry for not seeing the post. I searched with keyword "calendar" in this topic and got no results.
  8. Hello, does anyone else have a problem with calendar? No calendar / I cannot add account problem.
  9. I enabled "show hidden folders" but still. However, I rebooted the phone and the folder appeared. Is there some process that needs to be refreshed or something (maybe it hangs?) in order to show me the photo folder?
  10. Hi people, I have a problem. I take photos from my phone's camera and they are stored under DCIM/Camera, I can see them. But when I connect the phone with usb to my pc the camera folder is not there! Is this a bug of the rom or something else? Thanks.
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