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  1. hi! I can't change the volume while on lock screen. is this common? is there any way to fix/add this feature? I'm on the 01/11 nightly oh, and another thing: can't seem to find parentheses on the kb!
  2. hi! I have a problem with installing google calendar, with the following message: E:Error in /storage/sdcard1/pa_gapps-modular-mini-4.4.2-20140111-google-calenar-signed.zip (Status 6) I did clean install and I do have the required space. (only added google play services, while removed live wallpapers and video editor, so theoretically I have 16-12+5,5+1,5=11 MB free pace, google calendar needs 1MB)
  3. Maybe I'm not expressing myself clear in english, but what I wanted to say is that the tutorial elaborates basic steps, while doesn't really help at steps which requires a bit more experience/knowledge about playing around with your Android. I've already posted my examples, but here they are again: a; basic steps elaborated/unnecessary instructions: a/1: telling where exactly to extract the zip archives (like it wouldn't work just the same extracted to anywhere else on my PC) a/2: instructions how to exctract a splitted zip archive - this is not unnecessary, but it's a very basic step, while there are: b; poorly elaborated advanced steps b/1: verifying update.app with hash generator - I don't know what is a hash generator and how can I verify something with it (I think I managed the latter tho, but only by luck and I'm not sure if I did it right or if I can trust myself at this. a lot of lines appeared, which included those two given, but I don't even know if I'm supposed to see more lines than just those two..) Again, I'm not saying it's a bad tutorial, just pointing out a few things that could help beginners - which doesn't equal technical illiterals.
  4. Yeah it's a nice tutorial overall, it's only that at one point it feels like it's written for my grandma, who never touched a PC in her life (ie: telling me where to extract some folders, elaborating how to extract a splitted zip archive), then at the next point it tells me to verify the upgrade.app with the hash generator, nothing more. Again, I figured it out, and I'm not talking about key steps, but it is very hard to follow for a beginner like me.
  5. hey guys! just got back my phone from warranty service, and this time I wanted to unlock the bootloader with official code, but I don't seem to understand a few things. do you get the code from Huawei for free if you ask by e-mail? I'm asking this because there are a few things letting me think you gotta pay. ie: this thread and the fact that you need an account for dc-unlocker, which you can only get if you buy some kind of credits. also, it looks like those who ask for the code by e-mail, keep getting wrong ones.. so, is using an official bootloader unlock code any better than old methods? I didn't have signal losses with unofficial unlocking either oh, and btw, the tutorial is kinda hard to understand, it misses a lot of steps! I'm kinda bright/creative, so managed somehow, but for other beginners, it must be a nightmare :D thanks for it anyway, it's still a huge effort :) edit: oh, now I get what I have to do to get the bootloader code from dc-unlocker. except it doesn't work, no matter which driver I install. I get every info, except the bootloader code and it says it can't read the SIm status. checked with adb, bootloader is locked, version is the same, system state OK..
  6. Yeah, wifi does drain a lot, but it was the same on R2 as well. By the way, to me, feels like R3 drains a tad less, but it's just an impression, I didn't do direct measurements.
  7. Man, you're a talker, lol. The number at the end of the filename, after the "R" signs the release number of your ROM. the number after "CM" signs the version. CM 9 is based on Android 4.1, CM 10 is based on 4.2. The higher number you see after the R, the newer release you have of that version. R2 is the latest CM ROM based on 4.2. You can find the known issues on the first page of this topic.
  8. G300 has the required hardware, that's all, isn't it? :) I'm not saying they should update every device to the latest Android it can run, but they're also holding back fan developers. Also Nexus 4 would cost about 5 times more than G300 for me, but I couldn't afford a phone with double the price I paid anyway..
  9. Of course. But a good support is business too. Companies seem to forget that nowadays, they only give us what they are obliged to.
  10. That's so unfair! :( If we pay for the device, why can't we have the codes too? Having more stable custom ROMs could even boost the sales! I can't think of anything but that hardware manufacturers wanna make people buy a new phone every 1/2 years..
  11. Hey guys! I had to do a factory reset after ticking something I ought not have to, and now I don't get notifications from gmail about new emails. I reinstalled gmail, still not working. It's set to sync the emails of the past 3 days, automatic sync is enabled, notifications are enabled... Should I reinstall gapps, or what else could be the problem?
  12. I seriously feel embarrassed for having people here who think Dazzozo or any other developers have any kind of obligation to come out with updates. Those people are dishonouring to this whole community. They also mean a danger, just read the story Dazzozo linked.. I doubt there are many wealthy guys around who could donate to Dazz (we wouldn't have cheap phone like G300 otherwise, would we? :), well except those who only have it as a secondary phone, for experimenting), so I don't think he gets a lot of money from this work. But even if he does, no one is obligated to use CM on his phone, it's a personal choice for everyone. People should stop thinking they are allowed here to require updates at all.
  13. Yeah, I had the same problem at first, thought I had bricked my phone.. The "how-to" is a bit out of date, also very detailed, but clumsy as well. For example, I think I installed CWM recovery and backed up IMEI 3 times, because it was written in every step. :D
  14. I see some of you have lags in general, me too, especially when I wanna use my phone after a longer time, like 15-20 minutes, or more. But what about the keyboard lag? Anyone else experiencing that? Sometimes it gets seriously annoying.. Also, how do I turn off the vibration when I type?
  15. Yea, good idea! Huawei would even profit from that actually, as more people would buy the G300 if fan chefs/supporters could release (more) stable ROMs.
  16. My SIM card is blocked, what the hell? Nevermind, I think it's working now..
  17. Yea, it works now, stock fresh, my fault. Not a big problem tho, I'm only using this phone for 2 days..
  18. Well, I thought if I'd press upgrade in the menu it'd just do everything by itself. I'm very new to this, took me about 5 hours to upgrade from GB to ICS and then CM10.1, this is my first smartphone ever.. :) Anyway, thanks for the help!
  19. s***, I just upgraded (or wanted to at least..) to this from the 4.2.1, something failed and now my phone won't start. It turns on and the only thing I can see is the Huawei Ascend logo. Can anyone help, what should I do?
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