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  1. thirkd

    OSD Spares available

    To let everyone know, I got a screen/digitizer, it works if take out the phone motherboard and plug in the new one screen outside of a case. The problem is the corners on the front glass are not the same as the case, they are less rounded/more square and thus it wont fit into the case so I cant use the new screen. So I am a bit stuck. Dave
  2. thirkd

    OSD Spares available

    Hi, My daugther has shattered the screen on her OSD so I have been trawling the internet trying to find if I can get it fixed. This site comes up alot but I cant find anyone mentioning where you can buy replacement parts. After working out that the phone is really an Intel AZ210 I have found this site in the US selling some spares. http://www.etradesup...ntel-az210.html They have the screen and digitizer, the back cover and the SIM tray. Has anyone tried any of therse parts? I have not yet spoken to Orange but as we did not take out their insurance I expect that even if they will fix it it will take a while and be expensive. Dave

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