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  1. Joestone can I flash non swapped R4 over R3? Also could you make a version without TWRP Recovery?
  2. I am in R3. Feels super fast. Also flashing R3 didn't change my custom recovery.I am still in CMW. Not gonna flash R4 as i dont want to mess around with partitions.
  3. I feel that the phone becomes a bit sluggish when scrolling through homescreens & pages in drawer. Do you experience the same? Min Cpu Freq: 480MHz Max Cpu Freq: 1008MHz Governor: InteractiveX I/O: Noop Zram: 18% @telonius: Can you do anything to boost the smoothness & free ram (e.g Have 400mb available RAM)
  4. I've understood by experience that having ~100mb of free ram makes the ui smoother. Not sure though.
  5. Battery life is superb, but what about your free RAM? I have installed about ~25 apps, i am "greenified" & the free RAM is about ~60mb. Is that right?
  6. +1 Incredible job, συμπaτριώτη!
  7. I get easily 2 days with stock+ with 4+ hours of screen time (being using ouch kernel v1.4) Probably there's a rogue app that drains your battery. Try a clean install with full wipes and see if your battery drains that fast (don't install your apps after the clean install to see how's your battery.)
  8. Try setting min.Frequency at 480Mhz. It's using the same voltage so it wont decrease your battery life.
  9. Cyda that's my favourite rom out there... I tend to use other roms but I always go back to Stock+ and ouch kernel. Thanks
  10. I went to flash 30/5"nightly" and got a symlink error. I am usin' CMW Recovery What's going on?
  11. +1ed! Nicely organised topic! You had such a big efford... You need more support. Pin that!
  12. 250 sms? Wow that's a lot mate! Are you in cm10.1 nightly?
  13. Έλληνaς Deleloper? Μωρέ μπράbο! Φίλε θa δοκιμάσω την Rom σου μόλις bρω χρόνο :) GJ
  14. Whats your screen time? Usually the screentime is what matters...
  15. So, whats the battery life in R4? Any reports?

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