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  1. The Dolby is pretty cool. I've ever used the H3BLUES and it feels the same. The difference is the way we partitioning sdcard
  2. I'm still wondering how it will works fine on my skate but anybody could plz arrange the order of installation process. I'm still trying to install this rom but I'm afraid of hardbrick
  3. i found it, the apps is Image 2 Wallpaper. and I want to ask, how to apply Dolby mobile on this rom?
  4. this rom is already installed in my device with nitroglass. one word to describe it, AMAZING! But I still have question, how can we set the fullscreen wallpaper without scrolling (i mean the image will fully looked not a part from cropping)
  5. ouwh. it's so complicated but ya, every goodness requires a long way. Thank you :)
  6. H3Blues has the best stability among another :)
  7. ok.thanks. I've already 1gb partition on my 4gb sdcard. But in case, if I need more space in my sdcard, how to change the 1gb partition I have?
  8. Thankyou..I still backup my data in my pc. :) What do u recommend for me? 500MB/1GB/2GB? Because I'm using sdcard class 4 thanks
  9. Thank you so much :) but where is the link to download it (I mean nitroglass.zip)?
  10. thanks for all. :) But I m still confused how to install it. Anyone could help?
  11. and is there anyone ever tried to install this on H3Blues ROM? Thanks :)
  12. It is so nice. But where is the procedure to install this? I didn't get it
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