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  1. No, isn't compatible with Verizon LG G3. The only similarity is the "G3" part in the name... Please check: http://***.andromods.com/root-unlock/d851-tmobile-lg-g3-rooted-twrp-recovery-purpledrake.html Best regards.
  2. You're welcome @raphaelo50. Your words make me happy. :-) Salu2
  3. Test deleting all the stuff found in system\etc\init.d or replacing with Ervius ROM files... Speed, smothness, good battery backup... Yes, the diference between versions is only the number of apps. Some people don't need all the apps and services. Please refer to the OP for the app list. :-)
  4. Newer and better system? No problems with Titanium Backup. Never. Maybe using the included TB and restore the apps one by one.... Or restore your Nandroid backup.
  5. Sure, exactly like this. You can restore your apps (E una risposta per voi) The GPS is working fine, please test yourself and see my work. ;-) Salu2
  6. Hi, about the battery life... is very good for my. Test yourself and make your conclusions. Best regards
  7. Yes, my idea is to keep him alive. I hope my G3 is immortal, or at least live many more years. It is just a baby at 4 months of use;-) salu2
  8. Google translated, sorry. EVOLUTION ROM by Jolufa R.O.U. for G3 and patch for G3N convertion. After about a month that I've uploaded the ROM (over a thousand downloads, I've received the total of 1 euro as donation. Thank you again) I'm updating this thread probably for the last time. It is not a whim or unwillingness simply means I don't have my G3 and I lost interest, plus I have no way to test the changes. I'm without phone, by necessity I had to sell my JIAYU G3 and now I have a ALCATEL OT-208 ... Ha Ha ... Well, expecting a C2 ZOPO shortly. As always, however, I am at your command. Catches are different now, I have no way of making them. He had the ROM on my MicroSD and so could upload, is what I was. Change Log: Version 1.3 (were reduced enough sizes both versions, the "light" even more so) Most successful and aesthetically pleasing (at least to me ...) Jun 10, 2013: * Removed completely Chinese applications, now no trace. * Contains only: com.android.mifileexplorer.apk -> File Manager com.bitcubate.root.busybox.complete.apk -> Busybox com.bvalosek.cpuspy.apk -> CPU Spy com.eugene373.cpu.sleep.apk -> CPU Dual Core Edition Sleeper com.force.timezonefixer.apk -> Time Zone Fixer com.ghisler.android.TotalCommander.apk -> File Manager TotalCommander com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup.apk -> Titanium Backup com.mirko.csr.apk -> CPU Spy Reborn com.mobileuncle.toolbox.apk -> Mobile Uncle Toolbox com.onexuan.battery.apk -> One Power Guard Battery Saver com.pierwiastek.gpsdata.apk -> GPS Data com.uzumapps.wakelockdetector.apk -> wakelock Detector com.wwdev.rebooter.apk -> System Rebooter jackpal.androidterm.apk -> teminal Android Emulator mohammad.adib.asnap.apk -> Screen Capture name.pilgr.appdialer.pro.apk -> App Dialer ru.org.amip.ClockSync.apk -> Clock Sync ru.org.amip.timezoneservice.apk -> Time Zone Service Xperia_Z_photo_gallery.apk -> Z Xperia ported Photo Gallery <> Replaced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Launcher for Sony Ericsson Xperia Z and ALL widgets (more attractive, lower memory consumption, more fluid) <> Updated Xperia Z Keyboard to the latest version, removed the Chinese keyboard. <> Updated hosts file for ad blocking. <> Modded MMS APK with 160 characters sms capacity. + Added Online Nandroid Backup script (type "onandroid" without quotes, with administrator privileges to make a Nandroid backup without rebooting in Recovery) + Added optimizations processor frequencies. + / - Well, some other change that reminded me, because I repeat: I have no more my cell. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to identify which is which if you do not know). Hello, how are you? For a couple of months I've been using (after working many, many hours on it) a ROM based on the latest available from the factory for our JIAYU G3. Therefore I refer to JB 4.1.2 beta. Like almost all previous ROMS, of all my previous phones and this one in particular, the development was made for personal use; suited to my tastes and needs. Normally not public. In this case it seemed good to share to the community. Well, let's start with the description. Try to answer the following: What was changed? What was it added? What was taken away? What makes it different? Note: the ROM boot in spanish lang, if you want another lang, please use the included Prop Editor or MoreLocale from the Google Play to set your preferences. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ODEXED Evolution ROM is and always will odexed. Odexed ROMs offer increased application execution speed, lower memory consumption and improvements in code execution. The disadvantage would be when decompile, modify or apply themes. Mainly as I said above is based entirely on the official ROM provided by JIAYU. What does this mean? Have tried to touch as little as possible, to get a good performance and reliability. This is undoubtedly a ROM balanced between performance and battery consumption. From experience I am guided by the scores given by Antutu for example (I made a test immediately after the previous one has given me up to 1000 points difference without having touched anything), but I do not mean to have low scores or poor performance. He has given over 6000 occasionally. Rather, what I mean is that do not necessarily go hand high scores and usability. Do you understand? So if you're of that is based on test scores or installing a ROM is probably not what you expect. If instead you want to try a ROM balanced, with everything working perfectly, this would be an option to take into account. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Added the following applications: A1 CPU Tool_0.9.1.apk A1 SD Bench_1.3.1.apk AdAway_2.3.apk AppDialer Pro_3.7.2.apk aSNAP_1.0.1.apk BuildProp Editor_1.0.apk busybox_2.0.apk CallRecorder_1.3.9 full.apk Clean Master_3.4.0.apk Clock_2.0.4.apk ClockSync_1.2.3.apk com.bitcubate.android.su.installer.apk CPU Sleeper_3.7.apk CPU Spy_0.4.0.apk F-Droid_0.42.apk File Explorer_3.1.6.apk Freedom_0.8.4.apk GO Backup_3.3.apk Google Play services_3.0.27 (599131-10).apk GPS Data_1.15.apk Helium_1.1.0.2.apk Installer cracked GooglePlay_1.1.0.apk Knock-¦+_1.0.1.089.apk Lucky Patcher_3.1.6.apk Maps_6.14.3.apk Mobileuncle Tools_20130223v2.8.0.apk MX Player_1.7.15a.apk My Tracks_2.0.4.apk One Power Guard_2.8.apk Rebooter_1.3.apk Software Data Cable_4.2.1.apk TimeZone Fixer_1.3.4.apk TimeZoneDB for ClockSync_1.1.2.apk Titanium Backup_6.0.4.apk Total Commander_2.01.apk TTPod_5.3.0426.apk Unify_1.3.2.apk Weather Services PRO_2.1.4pro.apk Removed several unnecessary applications, animated wallpapers: systemappAndroidian.* systemappExchange2.* systemappEmail.* systemappGalaxy4.* systemappGmail.* systemappQuicksearchbox.* systemappHoloSpiralWallpaper.* systemappMicrobes.* systemappMusicFX.* systemappNoiseField.* systemappPhaseBeam.* systemappSetupWizard.* systemappVisualizationWallpapers.* systemappLiveWallpapers.* systemappCyanbread.* systemappRomManager.* systemappCMWallpapers.* systemappQuickSearchBox.* systemappMagicSmokeWallpapers.* systemappDevelopment.* systemappProtips.* systemappPicoTts.* systemappHTMLViewer.* Chinese Applications removed: dataappcom.tencent.mobileqq.apk dataappcom.baidu.input.apk Installation Method (installable from the Recovery): Make full system cleaning (wipe data / factory reset). This will erase all data, make a backup if you need to restore. Install the preferred version (full / lite). Restart the phone and wait for it to load the system. If a Root repair message we say yes. Open [settings] -> [Access location] -> enable [Access My Location], enable [GPS satellites], enable [Mobile Network Location yy Wifi] Click hablitar GPS Satellites [EPO] and [a-GPS], download EPO data using WiFi or mobile data. Go to an outdoor location (I mean not covered) and make the first fix with GPS Data. Optional / Recommended: Run Busybox, super user / her in that order (a new compilation is automatically granted root permissions without asking) Optional / Recommended: Run CPU Sleeper and mark [Auto Start-Up] -> [start CPU Sleeper] and One Power Guard [iA Mode] -> Settings -> Set On Boot -> Restart Protection Optional / Recommended: Run TimeZone Fixer -> Update files Downloads: For G3 normal version. Evolution ROM v1.3 full (248 mb) SHA1 191B7ADA28FDF2D909D8C8A8CA54E8D0E1577D0B MD5 71320088CEC22C9574A56891673E3CDF Evolution ROM v1.3 lite (219 mb) SHA1 1CF8DDADF2CD8C95F8C9A2B3AE12E7C4579D6885 MD5 AF4DAAE2E5C18E30B2CF999CA293B557 The conversion patch is the same. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Evolution ROM v1.2 full (304 mb) SHA1 5340B802E3D80E1E4A7C0CC094761320852D156E MD5 CC20142B4C07FA87ED8ECDA9DF12B1D5 Evolution ROM v1.2 lite (239 mb) SHA1 06B4E395CB2A67220A474EE14093A40E48D6E7C3 MD5 61F18B235B9671B2703BEA62CA6A142F Patch for G3 to G3N conversion (Not tested, I don't have one 3GN to test, but it should work because it is generic, the one difference is the chip 6620-6628) Jolufa_JIAYU_g3_to_g3n_patch (6.45 mb) SHA1 22BCDEA151F0BCC03B045694C88656E8A358549A MD5 AE5E630693CCE089E0D7E8D432ED3925 FAQ: Q: How do I know if my JIAYU is G3 or G3N? A: Certainly there are various ways, basically the difference between the two models is the radio chip that handles all wireless communications, cellular signals read proper radius (GSM, 3G, FM) wifi, bluetooth, etc.. Using the included MobileUncle Tools is simple: MobileUncle Tools -> Mode Engineer (MTK) -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth -> Chip Information: If says MT6620 is one G3 or G3D. If says MT6628 is one G3N or G3DN. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: Are there plans for a deodexed ROM? A: No. No plans at least mine. I will offer a version of Evolution deodexada ROM, even in its updates. That is something that anyone in the community can if you want. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: Can you add a particular application? A: In a short answer, yes. I can. But I will not make a request. Anyone can add the applications you want. The ROM is in a ZIP archive and is very easy to do on your own. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: I do not use a particular application. Can you remove it from the ROM? A: As is stated above, applications can be removed easily by everyone. I can not customize ROMs each. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: The file is very large and do not need so many applications A: I put a version available light, light or lite without most of the applications of her older sister, leaving only with Titanium Backup and a couple of applications under 50 Kb to control CPU. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: What version of the G3 is? Does it work with the G3 or JIAYU JIAYU G3N? A: The work was done on the basis of the latest official ROM G3 model, the part is available downloads a patch (untested by me, I have no G3N for testing) to convert from G3 to G3N, so theoretically there would be problems to work in both versions. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: I can modify this ROM and it as the basis for my own development? A: Obviously, the spirit of Android and the community is that exactly. Share knowledge and means or resources for the good of all. Furthermore Evolution WTFPL licensed ROM (Do What The badword You Want To Public License). It would be good to add a mention. If possible I would like to know the project or modification. Nothing more. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q: How I can thank you / help you? A: Well, leave your comment or give thanks with the corresponding button is enough for me. But … if you can and want to do more, I could use a donation of whichever is, no matter how little it may seem. With sand grains consist deserts. I am paying and administering a server to host the downloads and other files to the community. I pay out of my pocket and I really would aid with that. I also broke the screen of the computer I use for work and I buy a new one. Any help serve. Even for a beer or buy an ice cream for my children … Paypal [email protected][/code] [size=4]Let me clarify, I ask nothing. I'm just saying that aid serves me.[/size] [size=3]___________________________________________________[size=3]________________________________________________________________[/size]________________________[/size] [size=4]Greetings and at your command.[/size] [i][size=5]Jolufa[/size][/i] [size=4]Spanish OP in movilesdualsim[/size] [size=4]Hilo original en español en movilesdualsim[/size]
  9. Thank you very much, I've done it. And the TWRP touch too. :-) Salu2
  10. Hello, I just have build the ports of the best and most used recoveries for our G3, in their latest versions. 1) TWRP (Teamwin) Touch version 2) CWMR (ClockworkMod) version TWRP: Full touch, compressed backups (about 50% of CWMR backup size), backup boot, recovery, uboot, android-secure, system, data, etc.. Skins support. They are compressed in RAR format (and the scatter file is inside, for flashing through Flashtools) or can be made with Mobileuncle Tools if the phone is rooted The RAR files contain the corresponding hash file, for check integrity. Both were tested successfully on my phone, so I recommend it. Recovery_CWMR_6.0.2.8 Recovery TWRP_2.3.2.3 Salu2
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