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  1. Hey man , where are you from ?

  2. Hey at the link you give there are two files, one labelled "iDFS" and one labelled "Setup DFS" which is the one we need?
  3. Is it possible to get your phone unlocked on Vodafone with this Repacked ROM? Can anyone with a locked phone put another sim card in and see if it asks you for an unlock code? If so it would be soooo much easier than the other ways posted to get back to a Vodafone ROM, which requires about a dozen different (and some risky) stages.
  4. Question: is it more reliable to sidegrade from a Custom ICS ROM to a Vodafone ICS ROM, or downgrade from a Custom ICS ROM to a Vodafone GB ROM? Ak doesn't matter now I guess, I've downgraded! But now it won't let me re-root so I can restore my IMEI. Any suggestions?
  5. Hey I'm in a very similar situation, I need to restore to an original Vodafone branded ROM in order to unlock my phone and I appreciate the help you guys are giving. If I have no data or apps I'm concerned about preserving do I need to go through the IMEI zeroing process in your link? Or is it possible to simply find a Vodafone ROM and flash it through the recovery menu?
  6. Sri.Theo

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    Hey guys, I'm a little confused about something and was hoping you could advise me - I've installed CM9 and its great, however I didn't realise you had to unlock your phone before you installed a custom ROM and its turning out to be a pain in the arse to restore it to stock. In the thread just above this one it details a whole long procedure in order to restore to stock, so is the method in this one more dangerous or something? Also the link in the OP doesn't work anymore, would someone kindly reupload it to Dropbox for me, or confirm that I can download one of these and flash it though the menu stated in the OP? What makes it difficult is that I need all the Vodafone stuff in order to get it unlocked. I do have an IMEI backup from before I flashed it though. I have no data that needs preserving on the phone, and would appreciate any help!

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