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  1. If I download to the device in Google Play Music some songs, and hit play, phone freeze, maybe u cant chech this out? :) Its freeze too if i play any music from Google Play Unlimited :(
  2. cm-11-20140111-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip is crashing systemui, not working, wait for next update ;)
  3. I can turn on wifi, but cant connect to my spot, password is right. :(
  4. I have problem with Album pictures in Google Play Music, please, fix it. :/
  5. Tommy.35


    Bug: In Google Play Music is not showing album pictures.
  6. Yeah, iam not done it, maybe that is the real problem, so, I will go lookin for another phone to buy, maybe bye bye forever, iam so sad, G300+ Dazzozo is epic.
  7. Yeah, i have it branded from Vodafone, so maybe its possible, but recommend, dont install it and wait few builds when it will be really safe. :/
  8. same as me, so why Dazzo dont remove the new recovery when its killing phones OMG...
  9. I haved official bootloader unlock, R4 CWM and the cm-10.2-20131021-NIGHTLY-u8815 and after flashing R5 CMW PHONE DIED!!!! dont install it and wait for fix, fruck, very pissed off...)
  10. Same as ME!! Very pissed off :( i hope for some fix...
  11. On IRC he saying it will be fix for no Greenscreen a lags in camera ;)
  12. When i first start it, give it PIN code, no first setting of phone. Crashing of G+ and home button not working. Google search was not there and in Google Play, in My Apps was "nothin installed app on phone". I hope u will get closer look on these bugs :) KEEP UP YOUR AWESOME WORK! ;) UPDATE#1: No lockscreen. Am i isntalled it bad? Just updated recovery, wiped everythin, installed rom, then gapps..? UPDATE#2: I installed it without gapps, but scrashes of core still showing and store too crashing :(
  13. Thank you, i try! :) btw do i need install Gapps too?
  14. I have this problems too, and i was done full wipe.. :)

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