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  1. Yes, I was able to solve it now by adjusting the "Profiles" and setting a Ring Tone level there. Thanks, your hint guided me into that direction.
  2. Hello, I just flashed the nightly from April 21st. After that, the ring tones worked. I then flashed the gapps and then step4_v1.3. After this, the ring tones did not work any longer. It only vibrates. Any Ideas? Hints? Greetings, Hendrik
  3. No Ideas? Am I the only One without ringtones?
  4. Thanks for the hint on the USB. I will try. Last Problem (I think): I get only vibration, no ring-tone. When selecting the ring-tone, I hear them (so it is not missing files or so), but when I am called, it only vibrates. Any Idea? I do not see a setting that seems wrong. Greetings, Hendrik
  5. Hello, thanks for this MOD! I have installed it and I can see, that the Partition is large now. What's not working is the USB-Storage in Windows. No drive appears. Do you have a hint for me? Greetings, Hendrik
  6. henfri1

    CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Hello, with only very few Apps installed, I still get the message, that no memory is left, when installing Dropbox. When looking at the Device in Windos Explorer, I see 473M free, and 599M used. Any Ideas? Greetings, Hendrik
  7. Thanks for letting me know! Greetings, Hendrik
  8. Hello, here are some pictures: What do you think? Greetings, Hendrik
  9. Hello, I re-checked: The CWM is indeed a lot sharper and clearer. Nothing bad with the display there. In comparison, the display clearly is worse, once that CWM has booted. Is there a way to find out the specs of the display, to find, which type I have? Greetings, Hendrik
  10. Hello, just flashed your new kernel (from today). It shows in the phone info, so the flashing does work. But still, the screen is blurry. It is NOT blurry in CWM.... On the Video you linked to I cannot really tell... Is there a *.zip to go back to stock without CWM? Then I could cross-check. Greetings, Hendrik
  11. I tried it already twice. The second time even with wiping etc everything as I discribed above.. I just got the e400 today. So maybe the screen *IS* a bit blurry? But is it *that* blurry? I can't really imagine... I tried to capture the impression on a camera, but on camera it looks good?! It just looks like there's a semi-transparent-blurry thing on top of everything... As I understand, there are two different Displays on the e400, which causes the problem. Could it be, that there's a third type of display, and I happen to have this? Can it be related to the baseband (I don't think)? Is there a way the revert to stock without loosing CWM? Greetings, Hendrik
  12. Hello, thanks a lot for your effort on this problem Before flashing I wiped cache and did a factory reset in CWM. I have then flashed the nightly (20130217), the gapps and your kernel. The System now reports Kernel [email protected]#1 from Monday 17:09:03 CET. That's correct, isn't it? I am asking, because the Screen is still blurred. :-( Do I need to do more than just flash the kernel? Any settings to be changed? The Baseband is V10h. By the way: When flashing a CM9 update, the kernel will be overwritten, right? When do you expect the kernel to be integrated? Greetings, Hendrik

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