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  1. can someone please upload gingerbread camera device driver (flashable zip) ? I NEED HELP please
  2. Help me guys look at this topic http://www.modaco.com/topic/366386-camera-problem-cm-102/ :excl:
  3. This software can't change imei on our blades its fake
  4. Can anyone upload the gb camera driver for cm 10.2? is it possible
  5. I'm using default (604 mhz), changed it to 595mhz and its same
  6. Hi, Im facing with camera problem after I installed cm 10.2; my camera is very laggy and displaying lanes Is it normal ? here is a video that explains it : http://videobam.com/YrZzm Help me! :unsure: ( It also happens when I install any cm 9 - cm 10 versions , gb roms are working fine )
  7. Try jventura's Eco cm9 or narkoman88's Miui GBv2 and try Touchpal X keboard it is very fast ...
  8. which touchwiz? did you mean this ? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40344534
  9. fix for google play issue : Download and install luckypatcher open it and; select google play select open menu of patches press yes select custom patch select 240dpi.3.10.9.-4x.com.anroid.vending wait 2-3 seconds.
  10. Thanks a lot! It's done too. I really appreciate your help ^_^
  11. You are writing in wrong section ! Go and write in blade 3 rom topic Still Ididnt get any solution :S : camera is not working properly on my blade its showing lanes and very laggy and I cant take video with camera on cm 9-10-10.1 ( gb roms are working but jb and ics roms are not )
  12. This man is working for improve cm9 for our blades . Thank you for your work... But; this is sej's rom :D anyway nice
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