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  1. can someone please upload gingerbread camera device driver (flashable zip) ? I NEED HELP please
  2. Hi, Im facing with camera problem after I installed cm 10.2; my camera is very laggy and displaying lanes Is it normal ? here is a video that explains it : http://videobam.com/YrZzm Help me! :unsure: ( It also happens when I install any cm 9 - cm 10 versions , gb roms are working fine )
  3. Help me guys look at this topic http://www.modaco.com/topic/366386-camera-problem-cm-102/ :excl:
  4. merdo84

    Changing ime n zte blade 2

    This software can't change imei on our blades its fake
  5. merdo84

    Camera problem cm 10.2

    Can anyone upload the gb camera driver for cm 10.2? is it possible
  6. merdo84

    Camera problem cm 10.2

    I'm using default (604 mhz), changed it to 595mhz and its same
  7. Try jventura's Eco cm9 or narkoman88's Miui GBv2 and try Touchpal X keboard it is very fast ...
  8. which touchwiz? did you mean this ? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40344534
  9. fix for google play issue : Download and install luckypatcher open it and; select google play select open menu of patches press yes select custom patch select 240dpi.3.10.9.-4x.com.anroid.vending wait 2-3 seconds.
  10. I will try it thank you for your great effort konstat !
  11. is the kernel 3.x.x version possible for our blades? lg p500 devices very same as ours but they have new updated kernel 3.0.8 ; is this possible for us too?
  12. Thanks a lot! It's done too. I really appreciate your help ^_^
  13. Which kernel included in this rom ?
  14. You are writing in wrong section ! Go and write in blade 3 rom topic Still Ididnt get any solution :S : camera is not working properly on my blade its showing lanes and very laggy and I cant take video with camera on cm 9-10-10.1 ( gb roms are working but jb and ics roms are not )
  15. This man is working for improve cm9 for our blades . Thank you for your work... But; this is sej's rom :D anyway nice
  16. Woaa 0_o DONE! It's the thing that I'm searching for . thank you . But dialer is still chinese.
  17. merdo84

    Dolby Sound

    If u have installed DSP Manager, please UNINSTALL DSP MANAGER first before installing this! They cannot work together! 1: Install Dolby.apk 2: Open it directly after installation 3: You will see Simplified Chinese Explanation with Dolby Surround Sound label, that's normal. 4: Push the home key(let it run in the background) and install the player. 5: Open the player, you will see nothing is on the list, just push the home key,15 seconds later, reopen the player then it will appear the tracks u have in the phone. 6: Play the track, then a box with Chinese characters will pop up which notifies u that Dolby Sound is activated. 7: While playing the track, u can press the option key(key on the right hand side of home key on the phone), u will see Sound Effects, where u can do your own settings. 8: Check the box (Dolby Mobile) 9: Second option is a list of equalizer presets, for me , the "杜比助力器" is the best, or u can choose other from the list. -dolby apk- and -dolby player apk- DOWNLOAD: https://mega.co.nz/#!rw4kUByb!Yr14HzWfLt8RFG2JltxkDmLdI0oaSGNMU9hwvc5jm40 I'v found this on xda thread . I hope this works for you orginal thread : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1870966
  18. hi konstat I'm facing with camera proplem ; your rom's camera is not working properly on my blade its showing lanes and very laggy and I cant take video with camera ... do you have any fix for me? ( camera and video recording working perfect on Swedish snow and gb miui2 rom ) AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT WORK
  19. Camera working properly with this rom and lag-free Nice rom but I'v found a language issue statusbar language can't changed to english language after I had changed the language to english any solution? And dialer is chineese
  20. Thank you man ! I will try this rom now . I'm facing camera lag problems cynanogenmod's jb and ics roms .I hope miui port's camera works fine.
  21. Hi! I tried many different ROMs but camera isn't working on ICS-JB custom roms ( Official ROM is working perfectly with camera ) When I installed jb or ics custom roms Camera isn't working properly as showing in the picture : I think there is issue with camera sensor While I was moving camera It's showing lanes Now I'm using Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie. And everything working perfectly. Help me I want to use ICS ROM :(
  22. Thanks for the help . Proplem had solved arter setting cpu to 604 mhz. ( jb roms still very laggy even if 604 mhz ) now I'v installed miui 2 port for our blades by narkoman80 its working perfect with no-issue

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