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    GT-i9003 and Huawei Boulder
  1. Darktitor


    MIUI is very difficult to port. And it will lags like hell!! On my Galaxy SL with 1.2ghz is a bit laggy.
  2. Darktitor

    Facebook Home pre-release leaks

    Get black screen :-(
  3. I'll have a blade soon I think my friend's will buy ace 2 ;-)
  4. It's a rom... I can have a look at it ;-)
  5. Darktitor

    [ROM] [U8350] [PROJECT] Sarah for U8350 boulder

    Strange issue... I didn't have it...
  6. Is there an app to install this recovery img ??
  7. Darktitor

    TIZEN for ZTE Blade

    I'm waiting my friend's blade
  8. Darktitor

    TIZEN for ZTE Blade

    Just be happy to have CM10 and CM10.1 and some others rom ported. Don't forget to thanks the devs like daemond KonstaT and galaxyhell Your blade will still with android froyo without them...
  9. Darktitor

    TIZEN for ZTE Blade

    Tizen is not ready and it's only for Samsung devices It's like bada is there any port for the blade ?? NO so don't expect to get tizen
  10. Yeah of course I'm waiting my friend's blade ;-)
  11. Yeah I think but I need testers
  12. :'( You were a great contributor Thanks for your work and I hope you'll love your Desire C
  13. Ubuntu is possible and Firefox too... Ubuntu will laggs like hell !!!
  14. Ok I have the samsung keyboard too ;)
  15. You can also add this ;-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/61cbojphuobdf9h/DigitalClock.apk It's tha lastest samsung digital clock widget from s3 mini

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