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  1. I see, I would have really liked to use it on my phone tough. BTW I'm trying to format my SD card to get a swap partition and a ext4 partition along with the FAT for storage. Tried following this ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/SD_card_partitioning ) but now I can't mount the SD card (FAT) on CWM. On Settings/About Phone/Partition info it says my /sdcard (FAT) only has 206mb when it was supposed to have 1GB+ /sd-ext (EXT) is unavailable. Does this rom support ext4 or it's something else I'm not aware? Thanks
  2. Tried with cm-10.1-20130218-UNOFFICIAL-skate
  3. This didn't work for me... Is there a more specific way to install?
  4. I just entered to win a @cultofrazer Blade. Enter here: http://t.co/1OkHDbv4


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