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  1. Awesome, and the camera actually works without having to download Google camera :)
  2. I am trying to restore the stock ROM. On windows xp, the flash bat file causes blue screen of death, any idea what could be wrong ?
  3. I have a problem, my cwm backup of 4.4.4 has become corrupt and with no PC anymore, I cannot fastboot back to stock. I am on gummy ROM with cwm, I have no idea how to get back to stock without a PC other than through a cwm backup. Not having a PC means I cannot get stock recovery either, so a cwm of stock would sort that also as it flashes on boot. I was hoping maybe one of you guys has a factory reset 4.4.4 cwm ? Or any ideas would be appreciated :)
  4. Your sarcasm is never amazing though glossywhite :)
  5. In immersed mode there is no navbar or status bar, in effect giving 4.7 inch of screen, if of course it is true that the full display is that size.
  6. Is the moto g display 4.7inch ? I know it is a 4.5inch screen but I did see somewhere(forgot where) that moto g has in total 4.7inch(4.5 -statusbar/navbar) The reason I ask is in immersive mode we have the entire display, so if true, we actually have 4.7 inch display which is even cooler for the price paid :)
  7. I have a question if someone would be kind enough to help me with. If I switch to Ubuntu and run windows 7 in virtualbox, will I be able to use adb and fastboot with my moto G still ? Or maybe is there a more easy way ? bearing in mind I will also need to install motorola device manager also.
  8. I remember you when I had my blade a long time ago, on another account on here(long story) Cant wait, your roms where great :)
  9. I went back to jelly bean to have a little play about, see what if any improvement 4.4 gave, problem is, I cannot get system update to work, says i have no internet conection. I validated that my conection was working good as it always does, then I thought I will try moto device manager on PC, which tells me there is no update available ? I know plane mode is on in screen lol, tried both ways Hmmm http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2754462&nocache=1
  10. Sim unlocked mine on ebay few days ago, every sim works for me, I have a few old ones lying around, orange, virgin, t-mobile, giffgaff, so assume all will work.
  11. Tried PAC, cm11, Lego, c-rom, liquid smooth, but all scored lower in benchmarks and all had the boot lag. Hope the boot lag is fixed, it really bothers me so I am staying on stock for now. Perhaps tempted to go back to jelly bean for a while see if KitKat is much an improvement, certainly miss flash working with stock browser. Edit: found solution........SlimKat, works great and no boot lag
  12. Oh I see thanks. Is this bug related to the fact that all custom roms score around 1600+ on Antutu and stock is alwas 1700+
  13. So I been trying all the custom ROMs on xda and have to say something seems wrong with my device or custom ROMs. Apart from stock, every custom ROM has major lag after boot time, anyone else have this ?
  14. Tried 2 eBay sellers and unlock-unit and still locked :( Moto G from Argos on Vodafone edit: and there goes number 4 unlocker :( who said my IME has been rejected wtf
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