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  1. Hi! My tablet was working fine until yesterday. Then all of sudden as I was about to pick it up, the tablet wouldn't come on when I slided the phone into its dock. I tried again, failure. I connected the tablet to the charger, suspecting that it was out of battery. Plugged it in, and the tablet instantly came back on showing this. A ?. Opening the tab shows me that the tablet is on 0%. Thinking it was okay and it was probably completely out of battery as this have never happened before, I went to sleep and hoped for the best. I woke up, still the same icon even though it had been charging all night. I tried unplugging it, and the tablet was instantly drained. It wouldn't work as if it was empty.
  2. Uzrbital

    Unable to flash any ROM's

    I've done "adb push rom /data/media" with all of the other roms, and I'm flashing there as well.
  3. Uzrbital

    Unable to flash any ROM's

    Nevermind, it gets recognized. I flashed the stock recovery just now, but it still doesn't allow me to flash it.
  4. The notification bar? I can't enter the phone, only things I can enter is recovery and fastboot. Edit ADB doesn't list my phone under devices when connected in fastboot. Edit Did "adb push update.zip root" is that correct or did I do something terribly wrong now?
  5. Uzrbital

    Unable to flash any ROM's

    Uhh, I can't install the stock firmware. It says Installation Aborted here as well. Edit I'm pushing all of the files to /data/media. I have a feeling it won't work then, but I have no other option. When I go into "apply update from external storage" I can't move out of that folder. Edit ADB doesn't recognize the phone in fastboot anymore, but it does in recovery.
  6. Uzrbital

    Unable to flash any ROM's

    By original rom, I guess you mean the stock one? But where can I find that? Edit Nevermind.
  7. Uzrbital

    Deodexed WWE ROM for the Padfone 2

    In my custom recovery, there is no "Choose zip from sdcard" but only "Apply update from external storage" and "apply update from cache". I'm pushing the rom to /data/media so I can find it in external storage, but obviously that isn't working and just gives me Installation Aborted.
  8. Uzrbital

    Unable to flash any ROM's

    I've tried the TW, WWE and the WWE modaca pre rom, each one gives me the error Installation Aborted straight after Verifying update package. I have wiped data, I have installed the custom recovery and so on and now I'm unable to boot my own phone due to not having anything to boot into. I bricked my phone yesterday, trying to change my font using Font Changer (Root). I installed a font, made a backup, then rebooted to make it apply. It never rebooted. I went here, installed a custom recovery as well as a few other ROMS, but I'm unable to flash any of them.
  9. Uhh, how do I flash this over? I managed to "brick" my phone yesterday (won't start), so I need a recovery to use a backup I made. But I have no idea how to use ADB or anything like that. Edit Right, so I got it to work and managed to flash the recovery onto my phone. Only problem now is that I have no idea how I am gonna move the .zip file onto my phone since I can't boot it up. Help? Edit Aaand I got that to work as well. Now I just need to flash a new ROM onto the phone woo.

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