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  1. IMO, some of these have different camera sets, @nutsda maybe try including all the different camera in vendor folder in the make? I haven't looked at this for a while but from memory we only include a couple?
  2. Sorry, I no longer have this phone. Screen touch slowly got worse, many other also had same problem with this hardware even one other at my work that was never modified from stock.
  3. Notification light works on my phone? Only big difference is it runs 100% brightness when used during charging. This echo back to the caller on phone calls is bugging me. I'm going to build LOS13 tonight with nutsda's new kernel and see if the echo is in that. For those with the camera not working, was it working on LineageOS 13 build?
  4. I and most others would recommend installing Android 6 version you can flash from twrp. This will update other needed parts of the phone not normally touched by custom ROMs. Edit: Here is a shortcut method i made some time ago:https://mega.nz/#!mAwlHaSK!hT4_ct6IxHlOKcRPb2T-KFOGiaPitr5RGm0-hmtZVhc Flash that from TWRP to update other partitions. This has been taken from the Spain update but should be universal.
  5. Mine works fine too, not that I want to selfie. Logcat to pastebin and put the link back here.
  6. Try it and see, Nutsda has done a great job of getting our kernel up to date. No problems with apps anymore and no real noticable performance hit I've come to expect when jumping android versions.
  7. There are fewer bugs on LOS 14.1(yeh i said cm, old habits ive used cm since cm6) Just flash stock LP rom, you cant use stock recoveries to flash custom stuffs.
  8. You'll have to start again, flash LP rom update from SD card. Turkey rom seems to work for most. Root that. Before rebooting use rashr app or similar to flash TWRP.img as root is only temporary at this stage. Boot to recovery and flash https://mega.nz/#!WcwVVL5R!HQCa5pLwSc19tkn4bt-UgqaU_rFg3-sgY0tUwUmYO0U (look at this zip file first, there may be a zip inside. If there is extract and flash that. Been a while and i CBA downloading 1.35Gb just to check) Its not pre rooted but you will be wanting to flash CM 14.1 over it anyway im guessing ;)
  9. So what happens when you try to boot recovery? Stock mm recovery?
  10. If you can find me a phone anywhere that's Snapdragon 615 msm8916 with vulkan I'd be very grateful.
  11. There's plenty of tutorials like this one https://forum.xda-developers.com/idol-3/general/make-sd-card-semi-adopted-t3399510 Your SD will be formated so backup to pc before you start. Just make sure you use the disk returned by "adb shell sm list-disks adoptable" not the one actually posted. I'm using mixed 50 (half in,half ext).
  12. I flashed the Turkish MM ROM over my original New Zealand one. I then flashed the Turkish LP version. Then install TWRP and the TWRP flashable MM ROM.
  13. Are they working properly on stock for you now? The su6 is notorious for screens debonding and digitiser faults.
  14. Hi, I've been busy with other things for a while. Now the CM13 build is up and running I'll probably look for a fix for this. Got something else in the works too, once i fix all my typos i might put them both together ;)
  15. I haven't tried it on a 5.1 ROM but I don't see why it wouldn't work. If it fails reflash the system partition from backup or ROM. I don't know if Nutsda has included this update or not. Easy enough to tell using Aida64, if it says opengl es version is 3.1 then no. I've been using it in my builds for a while without issues.
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