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  1. I'm geting error in recovery when try to install on Y300 what could be a problem? tnx in advance
  2. Ok tnx I'll try it both.But maybe it could be a radio problem,where i can dowload very latest version of radio for this phone?
  3. Does anybady have similar problem?
  4. Hi.I have one problem with this phone.WIFI signal is very weak if i'm in front to the router i have only one dash,if i move phone in range around 10m i don't have wifi at all....I'm using this rom thank you in advance
  5. Which is best cynogen mod 2.2 or 2.1 rom for this phone tnx in advance?
  6. Thank you very much Enzl,we flashed it,and amonra recovery too,after that we flashed first custom rom it's Flibblesan's FLB MOD 1,next problem is that we can't flash any cynogen mod with android 2.3 we get error after verufting zip image in recovery,though i signed zip again.What can be a problem thanks in advance?
  7. anyone have answer??When i flashed latest RUU for my sensation it didn't changed cid and phone stayed unlocked for all networks....but i don't know with this phone?
  8. Hi.My friend have no branded u8220 with android 1.5 ,i'm interested can we install this t-mobile 2.1 android,is it lock sim if we install?Tnx in advance...
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