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  1. CrashJack15

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    thks I checked in fastboot, so this:
  2. CrashJack15

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    thx :) and now, I can do something that to have ander ROM ? e.g. to go to the salon mobistar ? and how to have recovery ? ROM Manager no supporte
  3. CrashJack15

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    so, this is my screen :) reps for you thanks I'm sorry for language on this screen ;)
  4. CrashJack15

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    merci, je vs le voir :) oups, et pourquoi ? je suis pas sur, est-ce que j'ai mobistar, dans mon boite, j'ai recu une cart SIM de mobistar pour 5€, je l'ai utilise pas, mais je suis en réseau JIM [bASE], pas mobistar, et en plus, le boite est un peu grande mais, je voudrais faire mise a jour why I can't to flash if my gsm is the mobistar, I don't now this is mobistar :/ I have another network JIM [bASE]
  5. CrashJack15

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    this really, thanks :) rep
  6. CrashJack15

    [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Is this ROM we can use for Acer Claudmobile [s500] ? I don't have recovery in my phone :/
  7. CrashJack15

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    I have a few questions: 1. What is the difference between this ROM and Acer_AV043_RV13RC01_EMEA_MBSD [which is from the beginning]? 2. Do I will have a recovery? 3. Why worth it unlock the bootloader? 4. Is the update, will increase performance, reduce consumption of battery etc, any other advantages? 5. Is this the newest ROM, isn't higher? 6. Is root will disable ? Je vais ecrire aussi en francais: J'ai un peu de questions: 1. Quelle est difference entre cette ROM et Acer_AV043_RV13RC01_EMEA_MBSD [quelle je l'ai au debut] ? 2. Est-ce qu'il y aura 'recovery' ? 3. Est-il utile debloquer 'bootloader' ? 4. Est-ce que apres cette 'update' performance va augmenter, va diminue la consommation de batteries etc, ou l'autre avantages ? 5. Est-ce que est la dernière ROM, y'a pas plus nouvelle ? 6. Est-ce que mon root va devenir 'unroot' ? thaks for your answers ;)
  8. CrashJack15

    I have problem with ext for external disk :/

    ref please :)
  9. Hello, I have problem with ext for external disk :/ I have carte memory SDHC 32GB sandisc, I maked 2 partition: first is: fat32 - ~26GB second is: ext4 - ~5GB I use programe Links2SD, because another program is not working ex move2SD already I've tried with ext2 and ext3 and nothing :/ is still a problem when I turn on the phone, the card memory with ext does not start, must be restarted using the links2SD, sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes you have to remove the battery and turn on the phone again, and again, I can't detect ext partition I created by the partition MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition I maked root in my phone I will add that Now frequently message pops up: sometimes the choice is wait - report - ok if I select ok and wait, the application still works Regarding the application de system or external system Help me and I sory for my english :P

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