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  1. LuxXx25

    Battery stuck?

    I can't charge my phone beyond 6% and I haven't rooted since I went back to stock
  2. LuxXx25

    Battery stuck?

    I got a new battery and every time I charge my phone my battery decides to stop at a certain percentage, it can be 20%, 15%, 25% etc, any ide what causes this? Stock rom.
  3. LuxXx25

    Where can I buy a new battery online?

    Thank you! :)
  4. My batter has been expanding in the literal sense and I need to change it fast, but I can't find it on ebay, so any help?
  5. LuxXx25

    Will we be getting a 4.3 rom?

    Oh thanks! :)
  6. LuxXx25

    Will we be getting a 4.3 rom?

    Just asking, please don't flame..
  7. LuxXx25

    CM7 rom?

    I use this forum like I use google, if it isn't on the first page, there's no point in searching for it. :')
  8. LuxXx25

    CM7 rom?

    Tbh I didn't even know that there was CM9 rom around. :o
  9. LuxXx25

    CM7 rom?

    So the best thing would be to port a CM9 rom to our device? Can you recommend one so I can try my hand at porting it?
  10. LuxXx25

    CM7 rom?

    So for RAM a proper cm9 rom would be better?
  11. LuxXx25

    CM7 rom?

    I think I saw an official 2.3 rom somewhere, but can't remember where tho..

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