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  1. The battery is better since the beginning of August? I've changed the rom to slimbean and the battery is almost awesome but I've some problems with text messages and the only problem with this rom is the battery, any "news" about that?
  2. This rom was some feature like the "theme" feature in cyanogenmod? i've tried it but i can't remember, i think i'll give a try.
  3. have you tried some nightly cyanogenmod 10.1 build? I want to know if the battery in this rom is better than in Cyanogenmod, The only problem in all JB roms i tried is the battery..
  4. What about battery changes? Last time i've tried it the battery has gone so fast... Just another question, What's the difference about that "milestone" version and the other version ?
  5. Have anyone tried this rom and cyanogenmod 10.1? What you can say about the battery differences?
  6. The cam app in this rom has some problems, which cam app do you recommend for this phone and rom, with some functions if it's possible...
  7. So if I want to install the new update without wipes I just have to make a wipe cache and install the rom? I don't have to install the gapps again?
  8. where can i find stock cam from huawei? Edit: i've already found, thanks
  9. I've not read all the topic but can you say to me which are the bugs in this rom?
  10. So you recommend cm 10.1 (http://www.modaco.com/topic/360515-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-nightlies-now-available/). is better than slim bean? What bugs have you find?
  11. This version has quick settings? http://forums.androidcentral.com/attachments/google-nexus-4/43658d1351525210t-android-4-2-quick-settings-settings.jpeg
  12. This rom have the awesome notification things of JB 4.2.2? (you can expand the notification with your finger and answer the messages without opening the messagens app) http://cdn-static.cnet.co.uk/i/c/blg/cat/software/android-jelly-bean-4-2-expandable-notifications.jpg the kind of things in this picture..
  13. What about the battery? i'm using PAC ROM but the battery is poor to me, anyone know if the battery in this rom is better than in Pac?
  14. I've made a clean install yesterday can I install R13 over R12 without wipes or you recommend doing the wipes? Sometimes depends of the kind of changes you do in the new update..
  15. I've installed this ROM and the only issue I have is random vibrates... without receive any message, call, anything my phone vibrates, without anybody touch them. Clean install, Official bootloader unlock, what can i do?
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