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  1. Hello, I have finally managed to gain access to my Dropbox account where I have managed to get my hands on a compatibility patch that we used for these devices. Assuming you now have CM11 installed, this may help matters. Let me know your email in a Private Mail message and I can get the compatibility patch to you.
  2. Hi there, Sorry for the delay. I notice that your software is much smaller than usual, and I believe it is of the gingerbread variety. Without the original recovery, you won't be able to install the gingerbread OS. I'm not sure if that would be a better idea however, as your phone is capable of better, but it's the only one that used gingerbread, so porting (taking files from your original firmware and putting them into the CM11 zip file and reflash) might be your only hope. Look around the net for guides, as there will only be some things that will need fixing. Sorry I can't be of much help anymore as I no longer have this device.
  3. Hello... Here is the link to the official firmware for your phone. A search within shows there isn't a .img file for recovery, just a script, so I'd suggest you install the firmware to the phone, root the phone and then backup the recovery partition from terminal emulator. Since there aren't many of these phones about you're going to have to do this yourself, as even I don't have this device anymore, but I may be able to help you still. Good luck.
  4. I'm not sure, but please don't use anything from this forum to do it with, as that phone is NOT a Blade 3.
  5. Yes. Because of this, you would probably be better installing ClockWorkMod, and disabling the Signature verification to flash your ROM. It's effectively a custom ROM anyway, so you might as well. Perhaps your friend may help you, although I'm not so sure how necessary that will be. Good luck though.
  6. Hi Meir, Yes a factory reset may work, but it may also lead to the same problems happening again before too long, but it would seem the best course of action is to reinstall the ROM, at which point I have to say you need ZTE's keys to make alterations to a stock ROM, which I highly doubt you'll get a hold of. A full wipe and fresh install would be the ticket. If symptoms persist check your hardware.
  7. I know you have Android 3e recovery, but is it for the same country as the firmware you have? You need to flash the right recovery for the country ROM you are downloading. That is why the signature check is failing.
  8. If you're positive it had CM7 on it, then you may have a Blade 1 (which came with Gingerbread 2.3), and not a Blade 3. But it looks like it has failed, which, after all these years, if it is a Blade 1, is still an impressive effort.
  9. You normally need to turn on adb bridging on the phone before the computer will see it (using adb devices command). CWM recovery has the option to, but I know you don't have that recovery. Can you get to your stock ROM recovery (Hold Volume up while pressing power button for about 10 seconds)? If you can, you should be able to do a system reset. If that doesn't work, then it means that Android needs re-installing, The only ROM in the forum for VIP Serbia available for download is here. You will need to download it if you can't do a system reset. If you download it, and it works, then please back it up somewhere (I put NZ Rom on Dropbox account, for example), because you don't know when they'll be gone for good. You'll only need to install CWM if you can't get your current ROM working again. Let's try to get to recovery first.
  10. That's odd. Is it recognizing your device properly? I still have the full set of drivers for them if you haven't already installed them (and they are for both Blade III and Skate Acqua). But using MTP isn't something I normally use, yet that's the first thing I'd check if it isn't working, because it needs to have the phone's exact drivers, in order to use the MTP function properly (the MTP drivers are in the package too, but not fastboot).
  11. 1) Please don't shout 2) You're English is fine. Grammar could do with some work. Doesn't everybody's? 3) Please post to the right thread. The CWM recovery thread, where KonstaT says: And so that's what you do. Flash it from ClockworkMod.
  12. On the exact same phone? You'll need more than just a screenshot. You'll need proof it's the exact same phone by using a video camera. In either case, it's extremely doubtful you'll get anywhere close. Even after 1 year my phone dropped a couple of thousand. Expect the same.
  13. You still don't get it: New motherboard = New CPU + New RAM chip (both embedded!) = higher scores, because they haven't been worn out yet. I'm sure if I did this I would be leaving your score of 6856 in the DUST. There is no need to try it. It speaks volumes of sense, even to a layman. New phone, in an old case, hence the newer (overclocked) score of 11003. I repeat: There is nothing special about this.
  14. Probably best not to try it. These phone's of ours aren't going to be able to cope with it very well... This phone has reached the end of it's life (by a good year, to be honest) and it would take a lot of effort for something that won't work properly, at least in the beginning, and probably ever. We are far better off to get newer phones, and even the lower end phones are leaving ours (hardware spec wise) in the dust. But they will always be classics. Probably ZTE's best phone thus far in terms of it's user base (devices sold). But with a new phone, means being able to get Android 5.x and possibly 6.x
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