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  1. it would be great if you could make a list of things that are working and not working
  2. install Swedish Snow RLS7,is the best rom for blade,is working everything and gapps are preinstalled.
  3. Is a great ROM...is fast,stable but bluetooth still doesn't work in the settings app...it says that is activated...but is not working...The only way I can make it work is to install a different bluetooth app(like BlueFTP)...it would be awsome if you could fix that sorry for my bad english.
  4. You can download the Android source (see http://source.android.com) and add/modify translations but you will have to submit your changes as an Open Source contribution to the Android Open Source Project. The translations are done per application. For instance, all the translations for the Browser app are in packages/apps/Browser/res/values-LANGUAGECODE. The framework translations are in frameworks/core/res/res/values-LANGUAGECODE.
  5. it doesn't work...i can't reboot in recovery... the official 2.3.5 rom has the stock recovery (FTM) ... first tell me how to flash a custom recovery(CLOCKWORKMOD) sorry for my bad english:)
  6. if you updated your blade using the official image.bin given by zte you can't root it because is gen3 with new firmware..etc you must flash again your stock rom then you can root it and install custom roms..
  7. you can do this by flashing a custom rom like Moldovan-Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 or Swedish-Spring RLS5 via clockwork mod...i don't know another way..
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