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  1. Could someone possibly modify stock kernel from ZTE website in order to make it overclockable? It would be really nice:)
  2. HI guys i desperately need bottom motherboard (the one with mic on it) from sf2. Do u have one?Or do u know where it can be purchased separately?It will be huge help!Thanks for replies.
  3. i flashed oc kernel and phone is running overclocked w/o problems. ... btw does anybody know how to turn off blinking led when phone is without signal?its really annoing..i dont wanna use any led manager,just wanna know if it can be changed in some settings file...
  4. you have to flash overclockable kernel(you can find it somewhere on the forum)
  5. well i was measuring time from 100% to phone shutdown...
  6. well finally i got it tested. I did set full brightness, cpu governor performance, 960mhz,wi-fi on and went on youtube, played a video and unpluged the charger. UNFORTUNATELY, that new battery last only for 2h37m,while the stock one last for 2h59m. So thats it, that battery definitely isn´t 2150mAh.
  7. still waiting for delivery...it allready arrived in my city according to online tracking though, so in day or two i will post report:)
  8. It´s compatible with TMV for sure... Im currently waiting for dispatching my order, within 3 weeks i should receive the battery and than i´ll make some test to compare battery life on both. btw another good way to make your phone last longer is purchasing external battery. I just get this one from ebay, it´s quite cheap (12e), very handy and has 5600mAh capacity, so u can charge your phone more than 4 times... plus u'll get a bunch of different connectors for free
  9. as i said, i ordered it just today.when it will arrive, i will test it. There should be some improvement imo
  10. Hi guys, i finally found extended battery for our beloved phone. Its 2250mAh for 11$, free shipping worldwide. Just ordered one and luckily, I´ll see some battery life improvment. You can check it out here If someone will find another one with even larger capacity please let me know:)

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