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  1. I've used all versions of CM 10 extensively and now CM 11, and it's by FAR the fastest and most usable on CM 11. It's not even a contest. Sure, it's still buggy and incomplete, but pointless? Hell no.
  2. It's definitely the smoothest and the most usable Blade rom ever, with a few issues: - at one point, the App Drawer button disappeared from the launcher and I couldn't restore it. A reboot did it. - launcher crashed while updating apps in the Play Store, but nothing broke. - it's still weird when the phone is connected to USB - some app shortcuts and widgets still disappear when it's disconnected from USB, and now there are weird multiple unlock/relock sounds when it's connected, too.
  3. VNa5h, I also moved on, although I got another low budget wonder - a used Xperia U. Now it's a tough wait until the situation with leaked complete sources clears up and there's a perfect KK rom for it. I'm on full stock ICS here and it's driving me mad. :) My gf has a Blade, and I'm gonna give mine to my brother, so I'm gonna stay in the community and support our aqesome devs.
  4. Crappiest? I bought an Alcatel OT-985 for my brother. On paper, it should be equal to the Blade under the hood. In reality, the Blade is infinitely better.
  5. It's weird how people's phones are reacting differently - my Blade is multitasking better than ever.
  6. Upon a reboot, all the widgets and icons disappear... same as when connected to PC via USB.
  7. I'm having problems with homescreen shortcuts - whatever I put on there, when I connect the phone to the computer via USB or just update the app via Play Store, the shortcut disappears.
  8. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I finally stopped the drain by enabling Privacy Guard for cLock. I'm not using it for Calendar events, just time and weather, so it works well now. When I get a Class 10 MicroSD card and switch to Int2Ext, I'll do a full wipe and format and start from scratch, so I'm hoping that'll get rid of any buggy behaviour. Except for minor annoyances, I really have to say that this is definitely the first time I actually feel like the Blade is a usable, competent phone, and not just a cheap Android toy for pushing to its limits. I don't really know what it is, but it just... works. No more little stutters, waiting for stuff to load, acting up when updating apps, sluggish multitasking. I loaded up all the crap that usually bogged it down in daily use, and it's chugging along without problems. SO FAR. I'm hoping it'll just get better and better, but this is just... wow.
  9. Anyone able to reproduce the cLock problem? I have disabled it and the battery issues seem to be gone. And what happened with the CM account settings, zeelog?
  10. Trying out the latest build. Some observations and questions: - all transition animations between apps are off, even when using other launchers. Is this on purpose? - cLock accounts for a whopping 80% of my battery use! I think it's due to me mistakenly enabling location access during initial CM setup, but I don't see any settings to disable it now. Location access is off in the regular settings. - it's hard to tell without animations, but the phone feels much, MUCH snappier with KitKat, and multitasking seems more robust, as well as app installation and updates. Everything feels far more usable, with less waiting between operations: Hangouts, Facebook messenger, other apps... - typing is much smoother, there's almost no lag even without popups.
  11. I know it is, because I had the same issue and now it's back to normal. I guess some don't notice the drop because they don't spend most of the day in areas where the phone wifi has to work overtime to scan for networks. With that setting on, it pretty much drained by battery within a day no matter what I did and how much I used the phone.
  12. It is a known issue with Android 4.3, go to Wifi -> Menu -> Advanced and disable "Scanning always available".
  13. Thanks for keeping this project alive, KonstaT! I just wanted to report that I'm running this ROM on my 180MB Gen2 with CronMod INT2EXT+ on a 2GB Transcend card with a 1GB sd-ext partition, and it's been a smooth ride so far. I'm using Nova Launcher Prime, and clocked the CPU to 691MHz. It's by no means a beast, but the phone is just a constant surprise in everyday use, especially when you think about it: I got two units (one for my girlfriend) for 74.50€ total, and that includes two sets of replacement housings and touchscreen digitizers. :D There's just nothing out there with such specs and flexibility, as well as dev support, at that price point.
  14. I've been meaning to ask about that "auto brightness doesn't work" thing for a while now... I haven't noticed any issues with it on any ROM I've tried. Brightness changes according to the surroundings. How is the problem supposed to manifest itself? Am I just not a demanding user?
  15. Are you sure you're not doing it wrong, Schwedenbitter? As always, you can overclock the CPU in the Performance menu. And I'm using 19.4 and there's "Boot into recovery" available. Do you have it enabled in Settings->System->Power Menu?
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