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  1. Suddenly my phone will not play vines or instagram videos, but it play youtube just fine, anyone know how to fix this. Thanks in advance
  2. just tried to flash this, got stuck on slashscreen, stock partition version.
  3. can anyone here help me, can you help me with proper instrustion on how to flash this rom, like what to flash to get the sd card working properly ?
  4. Amazing, this is the best rom i have run on my phone, loving it so much so far, thanks !
  5. nevermind just did a reboot and it sorted it self out
  6. two questions, how to i get rid of the softbuttons, and when i click on the camera of file manager it says no external storage ?
  7. where can i download joe stones cm10.1 ?
  8. peteyboy24

    Instagram Video Problem

    what rom are you running ?
  9. hi there every time I try and post and instagram, when I try and pick a cover frame it says "instagram has stopped working" any idea's ??
  10. Hi there this happened to me and i found the solution (well it worked for me) 1. you must have a sd card and and a card-reader/adapter 2 make a dload folder on the sdcard and put this file into it http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcwNjQ= 3 disconnect your phone the enter pink screen mode ( both volume buttons) 4. the update should download and phone will work again really hope this helps

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