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  1. Dalyer, i'm looking some stock repack 2.3.6 for CWM flashing. If you can help me - thanx.
  2. Sorry, but all links is dead. Where i can found this rom's?
  3. spacelordmf

    Wanted! GB stock repack for CWM

    dalyer, problem in my operator (HI, Holland). With native baseband GB i have only voice and SMS connection, without data. Manually instellen APN also not working. Because i want flashing baseband 2030 up GB. So working with atomic mod.
  4. spacelordmf

    Wanted! GB stock repack for CWM

    I want flashing 2.3.6 with CWM and after flashind radio 2030 from atomic mod topic. Sorry, my english is bad.
  5. spacelordmf

    Downgrade & upgrade from recovery

    Im looking repack stock 2.3.6 for CWM. Will flashing with this radio. With atomic mod work great. Thanks for autor.
  6. Want flashed with radiomodule 2030 from topic about Atomic mod.
  7. Is really long life battery with this ROM. And i have minimal 90 mb free RAM. I'ts amazing.
  8. Cyda, not better, problem only in switches. In r5 nice switches, but switching is not correct. After switching off wi-fi hotspot - wi-fi must switching on automatically, if normally stand in position ON. But in need switching manually. Only this problem.
  9. Cyda, how i can change CM switches in R5 on Hw switches such as in R3?
  10. Cyda, thanx, is the best ROM. But how i can back huawei toogles from r3 to r5? In r5, if you switch on in not. panel switches wi fi hotspot - wi fi automatical switch off, is normally, bur if you switch off hot spot - wi fi not enabled automatically back. And sorry - my english is bad. :)

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