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  1. Did not use last build, so can't comment on that. For now I use daemond's ROM and ubuntu to set up my ad-hoc network - works just fine. When i tried your latest build my network was shown in wifi analyzer (app) but not in the wifi settings, if that helps.
  2. Unfortunately ad-hoc wlan is still not working, so I cant use it as my main rom. Thx anyway!
  3. i'm quite a noob aswell, so someone please correct me if im wrong: Just delete the .dict files you dont need in \system\app\LatinIME.apk\res\raw\
  4. First time since CM7.2 that I tried a newer version for my precious blade. I have to say it is really nice and smooth. GPS, youtube, WLAN, etc all working. FM radio is fine aswell (a bit buggy sometimes, but useable) Great thanks for all people involved in developing this rom. What me bothers a bit is, that i am not able to view livestreams (eg. twitch.tv) or other flash videos anymore. On my CM 7.2 i had 3 possibilities to watch twitch.tv, which unfortunately all dont work anymore: - native twitch.tv app: CM 7.2 a/v used to get out of synch - now only a audio snippet at the beginning then nothing - flash player (, arm v6 version) in browser: CM 7.2 low fps but otherwise fine - now no flash plugin detected by browser - skyfire: CM 7.2 worked fine - now media error 100 : 0 after initial buffering Has maybe anybody already found a way to watch flash streams on CM 10? Greetings
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