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  1. I would like the best gaming phone at this price. Which one is, in your opinion, the best? I was thinking about Galaxy Nexus. Please tell me if I am wrong and there is a better one. Thanks
  2. this may sound weird but.. how to actually uninstall it? i want to sell my phone, i unrooted the phone but the stock is the same, i want to put the original ics stock back
  3. just saw most wanted in that list. do you really need to add a redirecting link to play store ? some good games aren't in the store so nobody will ever know about them
  4. add nfs most wanted at working :) also pes 2012 is working great
  5. Thanks, Im going to stay with 1,229 :)
  6. looking good :) // what are your OC suggestions, Kra1o5 ?
  7. same. cpu spy seems ok.
  8. The best freq is probably 1.228 GHz. My phone was hot while using 1.267 GHz, now with 1.228 it's pretty cold.
  9. just flash it :) // stable 1.267 GHz, great work ! the problem is that i don't know why im getting low scores with antutu , before i was getting 4280 ( with 1.19 GHz ) , now im getting 4180 ( with 1.267 GHz )
  10. Most probably going to give this a try, looks like it's better than Paul's.
  11. Never noticed this, im going to make a test with antutu using ondemand instead of smartassv2. // 4334 score with ondemand, looks like the CPU's score is 1293, while using smartassv2 was 1235.
  12. 4280 score in antutu benchmark, that's pretty good 1.19 GHz + smartassv2 + noop
  13. some antuntu benchmark scores? i'd like to know if it's good for gaming performance ( if some of you tried stock+ , is infusion better for gaming performance ? )

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