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  1. You call that a problem? You are are able to write English but you are not able to read English? Some people make a problem of everything ........
  2. That's the problem with big countries. They are not used to speak a foreign languages. Holland is so little that we are used to speak foreign languages. If I visit Franch I have to speak French because they refuse to speak Englisch, pffffffff. Almost al the Dutch speak a minimum of 2 foreign languages, at least Englisch. The rest of Europe must follow and do not complain !
  3. Solved..... This ends my search for a good Rom. I keep this one because it does everything I need. Tnkx developer !
  4. I have reinstalled and it seems faster now. Tnkx. Rests only the swype problem. I really want this because normal typing on a phone is a disaster and too slow with Whatsapp.
  5. Can anybody please reply? Another problem I'm having is the build in swypefunction doesn't work. Can I solve this without using Betaswype ? The rest is Rom is nice especially the fact it has normall use of the battery. Hope there is a solution for the mentioned problems.
  6. I've installed this rom. I notice a problem. Screen en functionbuttons don't respond fast. Sometimes I have to touch a couple of times before there is any rsponse. Is this normal? I had [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM] [NIGHTLIES NOW AVAILABLE] which was really fast but no solution because of abnormal battery drain.
  7. Musicmaster

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    I have the rom now for a couple of days and without no reason 3 times there's is no phone connection with Vodafone Holland. The problems isn't Vodafone because my wife uses this too. Only rebooting solves the problem. Can I solve this connection time-out ?
  8. Musicmaster

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    I have got a tiny little problem. The led is not burning when I charge the phone in the car. Is this normal or do I have to change something? If no solution, no worries.... The rest the Rom is great. Better than ICS Stock Plus I had first. Only the battery drains a little bit faster but the phone is now very smooth and fast. TNKX !!!!!
  9. Musicmaster

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    You mean Spirit FM Unlocked? Normal Spirit FM is a stream.
  10. Musicmaster

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    I have installed the ROM. Runs very smooth only I miss a FM Radio app. How can I get this because I use this very often? Thanks in advance.
  11. After 3 weeks I am still very happy with the rom. The phone is now in Holland for sale for €133,- so more people search for solutions. I mentioned this rom on dutch forum to spread the word. At your service and thanks again for the great job!
  12. http://www.swype.com/category/get-swype/ I use this one and it works perfect.
  13. I have installed this afternoon this rom and it is all I was looking for! Great speed, no lags anymore and no wifi to 3g announcement. I made one misstake. Backed up all my apps on external Sd with Titanium and after reboot all gone? Now installing everything one by one, o well.... Thanks I'm very happy! Regards from Holland.
  14. I understand now ( ) how I install this rom but before to go ahead, how do I ever come back, if I want to, to the original stockrom (not Vodafone!) ??? I have downloaded from the site Huawei stockrom but this is I think a upgrade to ICS.

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