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  1. Walaway

    Deodexed WWE ROM for the Padfone 2

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2135735 Head on to this thread, all the sources and howto's are there. Right now I am testing to insert random stuff and debloat the OTA.zip we'll see if there'd be any problems after flashing or while flashing.
  2. Walaway

    Gorilla glass?

    I had a large screen protector cut to fit both tablet and phone, it'll definitely be bothersome to see them both scratched but at least it protects the main glass. And if you get really annoyed just go back to the same shop and crop the fit from your previous one :D
  3. Guys, I've tested this, and came up with an easier method. Flash TWRP Put OTA.zip into your sdcard Flash... GG

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