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  1. I know - unfortunately it isnt possible to remap it totally - it only works if the phone is turned on and i think it is much harder to remap it to 2 keys Do you have an idea how to do that H3ROS?
  2. Hey H3ROS Can you create a flashable zip of Swype keyboard? I accidentally deleted mine
  3. Thanks for your answer - i have found that out too. But i dont like this idea of changing powerbutton to volume down My question: is it possible to change the function of the powerbutton to home+volume down So that you press these two buttons instead of the powerbutton. Than i could use the other hardware keys too without changing their function i
  4. Maybe it is possible to change it totally without an app System/usr/keylayout There are some files but i dont know what i should change
  5. Hey guys my powerbutton doesnt work properly when i press the button nothing happens I can only unlock the phone when i apply more pressure on the button Is there any possibility of changing the function of the powerbutton so i can use for example the volume down button as the powerbutton? Anybody got an idea how to resolve this problem?
  6. I just suggested Nitroglass instead of int2ext - i dont know if it works on 4.4 but on 2.3 it works
  7. Delete the File and start the App again or download the File manually and start the TPT Flash by yourself
  8. Download TPT Helper from Playstore and create your own TPT for your Skate - then you have to start the TPT - Flash manually or with the App
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