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  1. Has anyone tried USB OTG with 2.6.35 kernel sucessufully?
  2. Does anyone knows if USB OTG is possible on this rom? If yes, show me how to do it :D
  3. You can go to the build.prop and activate hw acceleration on lockscreen changing 0 to 1, reboot and VOILÁ it becomes smooth ;)
  4. When do you launch that awesome ROM? :angry: We are waiting for it :excl:
  5. You should add lockscreen widget. If you make that it will be the best rom EVER !!! :D
  6. When I click "Activate USB Storage" it keeps loading but doesn´t activate nothing.
  7. I reinstalled the ROM 3 times because some apps don´t work. They open but then it closes without any message. I hope you guys could fix this problem.
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