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  1. viccharlie

    best place to get Jiayu G3

    Don't go near Uredeal. I bought 3 phones from them for myself and family so $600 worth. Think they also go by the name Ugood or something similar on Aliexpress. At best they're unhelpful, more likely they will try to scam you. I sent back a faulty phone which they said they would fix if I paid for shipping. I reluctantly agreed. Once they had the phone they demanded $50 to fix it. They claimed that because the phone is more than a month old they would have to to pay the factory! So the factory is the bad guy not Uredeal. Then when I refused, they went into a story about how the phone is worth $200 and I have already paid for shipping so for another $50 I have a $200 phone. 2 months later I have finally given up and will never see the phone again.
  2. viccharlie

    Buying devices direct from China

    I bought a UMi X1 from http://www.uredeal.com/ After about 5 weeks, some white spots started appearing on the screen. This can happen with IPS screens and needs replacement screen. I emailed them and they wanted a video which I sent. They offered me $15 compensation. As more spots started to appear and there was also leakage I insisted they fix. Eventually they agreed and sent me an address to send the phone. They said they would fix if I paid for postage both ways. Not great but I agreed. Anyway about 5 weeks later, they receive the phone and then tell me that I must also pay $50 because the phone is more than 1 month old!!! Obviously they see me as a rich westerner, they have my phone and can make some more money. I refused and say send back the phone, they said $40... This continues for a while until I put a stop to it. Now I have nothing as I will not pay! So, according to Uredeal, if the phone is more than 1 month old, you must pay for shipping and pay for the factory to fix your phone! I believe they also go by the name Ugood on Aliexpress so avoid both.

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