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  1. Super, et merci a toi de m'avoir répondu en français ^^ Grenat, and thanks for your reponse un french ^^
  2. Hy all, for the kernel, how we can know the good kernel for we device ? Excuse me for my english, i'm french ^^'
  3. Oh Yeah, i finally succeeded ! Thank you for your rapid reponse, i fear without cwm, but it's okay now thank you ^^ And very good job for this ROM and they developers, but i have one question, i don't found how to change the CPU, do you say how ?
  4. I don't know fastboot, it's on the market too ?
  5. Thank you ^^ I go try this immediatly, you can read me ? It's not so bad ? lol Edit : I try to flash with the soluce of terminal emulator, i have enter all the command exactly and i have that : error opening :path/to/cwm6027.imgfailed with error: -1
  6. Thanks but whit what i can install him ? And i don't understand, is just an image, how that can be a CWM ? 0.o
  7. Hi everypeople, i'm french, so i'm already sorry for my english if we can call that "english" ^^ So, my problem, i want to install a CWM 6.X I don't remember, i take it, i lauch it with CWM and when the installation was finished, i remember this : Hey ! CWM 6.X for the ZTE Skate don't exist ! 0.o I look the name of the file, and i see my error, the CWM are for Blade and not for Skate, so i don't can access to my CWM now because i have a version not compatible with my phone ! ( StarAddict By SFR with the ROM CyanogenMod 10.1 V4.2.1 for the phone ) So, i take a new CMW for my phone, but i didn't can install him because i don't have, in parameters, the file developement for install anything without pass by the CMW. I was wondering if anyone knew how to re-install him without pass by CMW obviously. Thanks for your reponse and i'm sorry if i don't have post in the good topic, i post in "emergency" because i need him.
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