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  1. You mean the input method selector...if you disable all other input methods it goes away But you won't have google voice typing (In case you use it)
  2. !V!

    Xolo JB probably by March 10!!!!!!!

    LOL after all the hype its just another medfield phone clocked at 2 GHz. So much for all the fastest phone in the world gimmick. I doubt if the speed difference really matters. I've hardly noticed any lag in the x900 so far. But what biohead says is definitely true, now that they have a new flagship they wouldn't really think about releasing JB for the x900 I am pretty sure this new phone is a flop though. I bought the x900 for INR 11000, x1000 is launched for INR 20000 I am not sure if the extra speed, 720p and JB (minus 8gig storage) is worth almost twice the cost of the x900 (I mean one could just put in some more $$$ and get a Nexus 4)
  3. Hi make sure you copy the lib folder to /system/lib/arm. And set the permissions for everything you copy correctly (chmod 644 and chown 0:0) You may need to enable the input method after rebooting in android settings If it still doesn't work, I've no idea.
  4. Now that Xolo are launching some new intel flagship based on clovertail (http://www.xolo.in/) , the chances that X900 will ever receive JB are bleak. Anyway the Xolo engineer had told me intel plans to make the bootloader unlockable for clovertail phones but not for medfield. WTF is this...they won't release updates and they wont allow us to unlock the bootloader :-( Can't we try talking with intel somehow ? I have asked the Xolo engineer many times but he continues to claim that it is intel which has locked the bootloader. Intel however doen't even respond to my mails
  5. @Zhiming Zhou BTW you were working on kexec right ? did you get it running ? are you sure kernel supports kexec ? I built kexec but haven't been able to execute even the stock kernel. I am using the kernel cmdline from proc. So surely I am not passing something wrong to kexec. But it still doesn't execute. Does anyone know how the boot/recovery partitions are laid out ? the output from /proc/partitions has nothing which could be the boot or recovery partitions. I am guessing these partitions are compressed somehow ? I got the dumps using flashtool (from AIO) but iis poorly documented. Is this a leaked tool and is any additional documentation available ? Also what is this OSIP (I think it is some proprietary intel way of storing bootable partitions) ? what are the osip entries that flashtool can read/write the OSIP table dump shows four entries. but i managed to extract five boot, uefi (these are same, does it mean the copies are stored or both refer to the same block) fastboot, recovery (these are same, does it mean the copies are stored or both refer to the same block) logo what is the fourth one ?
  6. Atleast the xolo engineer is talking. Better than those **** xolocare customer service guys. I am trying to get as much help as I can from him and will keep updated. However the thing which surprises me the most is according to him it is intel which has placed the restrictions on this device, and all xolo does is repackage their rom with xolo customizations and push it onto ota. Xolo's role here seems more like that of a distributor than a manufacturer (although I am not sure how much accurate this is). If that is indeed the case, then there is very little hope xolo can do about it. According to him, Xolo has no problems with rooting/bootloader unlock either. And intel isn't providing any responses either. If we can find a person in intel who is ready to talk with us, then it might be more fruitful. Does anyone have any ideas on this ? On an unrelated note, coming from Sony Ericsson land, I was really troubled by the keyboard. Sony's keyboard is the best android keyboard I've seen (definitely better than Swype/Swiftkey/Stock) I put the Xperia S keyboard (https://www.dropbox.com/s/axyzmk1xhk4677e/Xperia_S_ICS_Keyboard.zip) onto my x900 and it works like a charm (so much that I removed all other keyboards). If anyone is interested they can try it. You need to copy the files manually and set permissions as the zip cannot be flashed. Also the /system/lib/* needs to be extracted to /system/lib/arm/ as the libraries are arm (very snappy on the x900 though).
  7. Might be, I also felt the guy to be quite unconvincing. But the only update I see is the 27 mb and I am not installing it because I need root. But it wouldn't make sense for the guy to claim that they have no plan for jb if there was an ota upgrade already.
  8. Hi, I bought a Xolo X900 recently and was pestering the guys at Xolo/Lava to give some official information about the possibility of a Jellybean upgrade and/or unlocking the bootloader. However the reply which I received from an engineering manager at Lava was quite grim (if anyone wants to have a look at the full conversation PM me). To summarize what he said: 1) Apparently it is Intel which is not allowing a bootloader unlock because of security vulnarabilities in the Medfiled and Lexington platforms. Starting with clovertail, they are planning to make the bootloader unlockable. I find this strange because the Motorola Razr I and ZTE Grand X In (which are both Medfield phones) have unlockable bootloaders. 2) After reminding him of Xolo's obligation to provide sources, he agreed to make them accessible by next week. But according to him, this won't be of any help as Xolo doesn't have any build instructions or flashing tools (ridiculous). 3) Xolo has no plans for Jelly Bean for the X900. I personally find the whole thing fishy as he seems to be shifting all the blame onto Intel. I have mailed Intel as well but haven't recieved any reply from them. Will keep updated if I get to know anything. In the meanwhile, it will be great if folks here could suggest some more ways to get Xolo and Intel to provide some solid information. BTW great work till now guys! This is an amazing phone, especially when rooted :-)

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