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  1. good bye all of u , i was a plesure beeing here.i'm moving to galaxy s2. all the best thoughts!
  2. i use cm9 for 1 year , i found it the most stable and fluid rom for ascend g300 , i don;t have any problem..try to flash it again with full wipes
  3. when i turn on my mobile data i don't want fb , mail, tapatalk and other apps eat my free data..i have only 250mb of mobile data..
  4. lol , i tought that is an official web page or something.. the .zip file is no longer availabe..dead link or i don't know..do you have the zip Kyan?
  5. MeijaROM page? can u provide a link please? ..i can't find it :s
  6. how can i add volume roker wake? or the rom have this feature allready?
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