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  1. With the holiday I haven't had chance to antutu but as far as the hardware, WiFi works, Camera app force closes, Sound doesn't appear to work but looking at the output from dmesg it is detected. FM app seems to work detects if headphones are connected or not and does pick up stations. Phone reports no service so it doesn't see the radio at all. Subjectively the launching of apps is the same speed as my Motorola Devour that runs Donut. ADB USB Debugging doesn't work either so I have to use the terminal emulator and run logcat & dmesg from there. Phone charges but I am not prompted for usb storage mode or anything. I may attempt ADB wireless and see if I can talk to the phone that way. On the WM side I am running Ninja4hire's NinjaToday's ROM.
  2. I have a i920 currently running CM6NEW. It works great except the cdma radio and audio is buggy. Since this is not my primary phone I am willing to risk it for experimentation for the purpose of having a completely supported device. I have strong linux knowledge but my programming is pretty basic. I am open to loaning the device out to a developer to assist in porting Android if at the end development it is returned.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks this is the first android rom that boots on my Verizon SCH-i920. The only thing that doesn't work is phone functions but I wasn't expecting them to work. If the only thing I have to use WM for is for actual calls I can live with that, since reboots are pretty quick. So thanks for making my i920 much more useful.
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