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  1. My phone is hungry for some MegaDrive.:D system partition?
  2. i don't have idea for the problem..:s what rom do you have?
  3. because your root explorer is read only, change it and you can paste the apk. there is a button for it
  4. open root explorer and go to the system/app, long tap on the apk and tap on the permissions.
  5. actually it would be amazing. smooth, fast and lovely. but i can't move apps to sd because the settings will force close when i try it. another big problem for me that after rebooting i can see nothing, no widgets, no statbar, no icons. just the background, and this bug is really annoying.
  6. Hi! The title says everything. How I see a lot of people want to see touchwiz launcher on their phone. It's easy to get it. First, download the apk: http://www.speedysha...cher2signed.apk Then copy it to system/app folder. Don't install! Fix permissions (rw-r--r--) Reboot to recovery, wipe dalvik cache. Reboot your phone. If you want to change the statusbar and the menu, here is a theme for it: http://www.speedysha...-apkpro.net.apk Install the apk and set in the menu. You're ready! You have TouchWiz on your phone! I hope it helped you!
  7. DSP Manager and music players (apollo is exception) don't work.. any idea?
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