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  1. can you have a faster camera, like 2.3.5, I have been meaning to ask! Thank you for your work
  2. hejinqiu


    Network disk you can use Baidu, China's friends to download quickly,thanks very much!?http://yun.baidu.com/
  3. hejinqiu


    dear andr0idbeliev3r ,i can't wait,(≧^ω^≦)
  4. hejinqiu


    and i want a fast camera, can you do that? because 4.x camera was so slow before.
  5. hejinqiu


    very good! thanks you
  6. android 4.3 will come ,dear KonstaT,are you go on ?
  7. dear tilal6991,can you add news in this rom, fm or other?
  8. can you move flyme or firefox to our blade? and some screen shots
  9. In such a hurry,,some good news? :)

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