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  1. You need to replace your touchscreen. This is hardware fault, not the ROM.
  2. Handsfree low volume issue is one of them. What bugs the current nightly has what was not a bug before?
  3. Hello. Which nightly is good for everyday use? Latest nightlies have more bugs than improovements... Thanks.
  4. Hello for all. Thanks dazzozo for your hard work on this phone. But i have one little wish. :) Maybe can you add more cpu governors to kernel? SmartassV2 would be great. :)
  5. Now looks like all modes is working. ADB also works. But is there way to see all phone memory (including system) in Windows Explorer or Total Commander or...?
  6. After some playing with my phone i can access SD card and internal memory (~2GB) in mass storage mode. But MTP and PTP modes don't work. My PC don't see phone in these modes. ADB see's my phone but he is offline.
  7. I have installed drivers some time ago... My PC can't see my phone after i flashed CM10.1 to it (phone).
  8. Thanks for help. But maybe someone can explain to me how to setup my PC and/or phone so i can see phone (connected via USB) on my PC? When i connect phone to PC nothing happens. Only phone is charging his battery.
  9. Now i found other strange thing... Why photo camera works so slow? I hit blue circle and screen gets covered with green tint. After few seconds i hear "click" sound and green tint goes away. Also some notepad (or something like that) app would be nice to see in next (next...) release. :)
  10. Hello. How to set my favorite mp3 music as clock alarm sound? Thanks.
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