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  1. Yes, but i would like to know, how to calibrate the icon with the real stats... As you know, in the screen it says how's going the charge up (70%, 80%) etc...and the icon battery should be the same as the screen charge...but no...here's an example For example, now: Charging up in the screen: 64% But in the Battery Icon it shows: 71%
  2. Hey mates ;) My problem is the following one: I charge up my device (G300) every night when i go to sleep, but, when i wake up in the morning, it says that's charged, but the icon of the battery doesn't show 100%, it shows most of the times, 96%, 92%...even sometimes 86%, and in the main screen it says that's charged :s Can someone help me please, or can you guys tell me how to calibrate this sh**? :wacko: PS: Sorry for my english :unsure:
  3. Im sorry, I didn't explained very well... In gingerbread the baseband is 109808, but there is a way to change that baseband in gb to the 2030... some ROM's GB, requires the 2030, and i would like to change the original baseband, to the 2030 :s If you can't help me, don't worry, its just a doubt, i made what i wanted to do :) Thanks for your help ;)
  4. hmm, ok, thanks ;) btw, i read somewhere that i could change the gb baseband (109808) to the ics baseband (2030), can someone upload that file? :s Thanks :D
  5. If I flash the DOWNGRADE TO GB zip, in what baseband it will be? 2030 or 109808? Thanks ;)
  6. I'm not dumb! I know where it is to download -.- Google Chrome shows me that he cannot establish connection...
  7. Does this zips really works? i´m afraid flashing aind brik my phone....i'm really afraid :s is this secure? :s
  8. Hi! Can't anyone do a tweak that auto enable mms data for CM9/CM9.1? Thanks!
  9. I dont know men....when i try to download it says network fail....
  10. I need this ROM urgently, please upload to another server because i cant download in solidfiles :(
  11. Z3NG3R

    Get root in GB and CWM

    i am not going to adventure in gb...it seems more complicated than in ics and i dont wanna brick my cellphone... thank you btw ;)

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