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    Huawei Ascend G300
  1. lothaer

    Official ICS Update

    from the website Upgrade Software from Android Gingerbread (2.3) to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) Suitable for upgrade from build number U8815-51V100R001C346B893 or U8815-51V100R001C346B900
  2. Good news everyone. Huawei have just released the ISC update for the G300 for build numbers B893 and B900 goto this link http://huaweimobile..../mobile-phones# Click G300 Download Software (its 347MB)
  3. I can confirm that the green camera issue doesn't affect other camera app I suggest installing UCam.
  4. Thank you for the 109808 support woohoo. (and yes I did like the OP #100)
  5. Hey everyone. I've been having issues with my device when ever I make/recieve a call on my G300 the person on the other end keeps cutting in and out I called Vodafone technical support and according to the my device is not compatible with the 3G network in my area so I told me to set it to use 2G networks only...didn't work. Is there anyway possible for my to reinstall the stock ROM for my phone and un-root it so I can return my phone and hopefully swap it for another device? Thanks for your help. Lothaer.
  6. lothaer

    [GB] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 [ROM]

    nice rom then only killer for me is that even in English there are still Chinese characters everywhere.
  7. was able to get CWM on my G300 with this guide :D welldone.
  8. lothaer

    Best ROM for my phone

    Yeah I've read about the issues regarding official updates to ICS and the one they are working on now (should be released soon hopefully) addresses those issues like the 3G issue. Thanks for the links I have actually read that Explained like your 5 thread previously but like you said some of the pages in it do not work.
  9. lothaer

    Best ROM for my phone

    Yeah I know but most of the ICS/JB ROMs on here require you to update via the official ICS update (Being in Australia I have to wait for Huawei Australia to release the update) first which is why I'm asking if I'll have to un-root my phone first, if that's even possible. I've downloaded AtomicMod but if I can get an ICS update then just flash a ICS/JB custom ROM then I'll wait for it.
  10. I wonder if this would work on my rooted stock GB G300 (Australia)?
  11. lothaer

    Best ROM for my phone

    If/when Huawei Australia release their official ICS update for the G300 will I have to un-root my phone to update it to ICS? I used gingerbreadroot.exe (http://huaweig300.com/how-to-root-the-huawei-g300/check-baseband-root/) to root it.
  12. lothaer

    Best ROM for my phone

    According to huawei device australia there should be an official ICS update sometime soon
  13. I just wish this would work for my G300

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