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  1. I see, thank you very much for your clear answer, now I understood ;) So it's the HTML5 which can give some problems on older devices like Acer Liquid Mt... At the start I thought it was only a problem of mine, but after your explanation I changed idea ;) The first thing I was noticed is that, after I visited websites like the one I mentioned, there's a continuos process restarting of some apps like maps and the high cpu usage... and I don't use any task killer because I know they are useless ;) As for cm7 I said that I'm running it just for info, not because I expected that cm7 makes become our Acer Liquid Metal like a Galaxy S3 (even though cyanogen7+other tweaks really improve its performance)... it's obvious ;) By the way I bet one of the reason of the lag which I encountered is the lack of hardware acceleration of gb device like metal... it would help a lot. By the way thanks, I just wanted to know the reason and now I don't have any doubt ;)
  2. Hello guys! I noticed a strange problem. When I visit some websites using every kind of browser (even opera mini) the phone becomes very laggy... for example if I visit this website the browser starts to be slow and when I go back to home screen the system is very laggy for 6-7 seconds... Why? I'm running cyanogenmod 7. Thank you in advance.
  3. Ok, so it is not enabled (I'm running the technolover kernel though, but I think it's the same and it's not enabled in any case), that's what I wanted to hear :) Thank you again Lens! :)
  4. Ok, thank you guys! Btw please could you tell me if in this rom the compcache has been disabled by default? I tried to go in performance settings but there is nothing about it. How do I know if compcache is enabled or disabled?
  5. Oh I see, so actually nothing of the kind, thanks Lens :) I done this question because a few days ago I converted to ext4 the Galaxy SCL i9003 of my brother and I have to say that his device became really more fast than before, so I was asking to myself if it were possible to do that on our Acer Liquid Metal too :) Btw I take this opprtunity to ask you another question. On cyanogenmod 7 settings there's a really useful option to disable the scrolling cache and I have to say that the scrolling of the device is really improved and the lags are decreased (except with few apps like twitter where I noticed a worsening of the scrolling). Now I'd like to know if on Cyanogenmod 9 and later that option is already merged in it since I noticed that it has been removed from the settings list. Thank you again :)
  6. Hi guys! I'm using this rom (a big thanks to lens flare and davidevinavil) and it works great. ;) Now I'd have a question: is it possible to convert all the internal partitions from yaffs to ext4? Is it worth to do that in our device or not? Many thanks in advance :)
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