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  1. nooob question ! where is the app drawer?:D , the rom seems stable for now( 1 day of use) had one rr so far after a call
  2. does this version hava data conection toogle(3g)?
  3. yes i did reboot, i have none apps installed , it says it stays in deep sleep but dunno over night i lose like 20-25 baterry:-? also an annoying thing i cant find the data conection toogle^^ and for me that was the most usefull toogle:D. As for cm10v3 i had random reboots on that rom also. but this rom had absolutely none reboots.
  4. this rom for me in 2 days had none restarts(and i heavy used my phone) , the only thing i dont like is the battery discharging fast, even with gps off and stats off. And yes the incall volume is lower , same applies to cm10 for me.
  5. awesome awesome rom:D gj for bringing it to s500:D
  6. xiuyan

    [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    hello , i got the same bug more then 3-4 times and i thought it was good to share here. So the bug consists of the lockscreen beeing disabled(not by me) it just disables alone and after restart, phone doesnt connect to network. The lockscreen is still disabled. And i have to reflash or restore the rom. Also when the lockscreen disables alone the home button doesnt work , it gives a sound like locking the phone sound, and a screen flicker. Im mentioning that i changed the pixel density to 265.(dont really like the 320 value)
  7. xiuyan

    [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    for me the phone stop rebooting when its plugged :) when its unplugged its crashing randomly.

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