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  1. Yeah, Candy Crush works ^^ On Slim-B952 it was also unplayable, crashed like... always. I can life without taking screenshots, and imo not so good UI, because now my phone works way it should.
  2. No, I ment that really stock, without percentages. This ROM is really awesome and fast, maybe I can now play Candy Crush Saga without crashes. :P Still, I miss ability to take screenshots.
  3. Is there any addons for default battery indicator?
  4. Tatoro

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Is out there any flashable stock battery icon? All I have found also does something to notification bar, and makes it ICS-like, and I can't flash toggles. .. oh, i can but they don't show.
  5. Yeah, I know it doesn't. I guess it jus dissappeared, flashed stock-repack and got it back, and took backups.
  6. And it seems that Slim -> CM7+ -> SLIM lost my IMEI. I have no backup, and update.app just doesn't work.
  7. At first boot, when I typed my pin, i got Pin unlock code-screen. Any way to disable that? I assume that because of it, I can't get any network. Second and third... etc boot, my pin was "wrong", and I'm sure I typed it right.
  8. Thanks! Flashing soon ^^
  9. Am I right, if I flash multi language patch, I get all languages which Android have?
  10. No, I could see those drives on my Computer, but they were unmounted. If I tried to open, volume was empty, or I couldn't open it.
  11. I see those volumes on my W8 PC, but laptop with Windows 7 didn't show them. How I can mount them? Or should I use Linux?
  12. Tatoro


    Sorry, double-started same topic.
  13. So, my little sister broke her Huawei Honor (U8860) screen, and now she tells me that there is still some pictures on Internal Storage, which she really needs. So, I took the phone, and plug it in to see if there is USB Debugging enabled, no, it's not. I'm asking, if I flash stock ROM, with opened bootloader, so I can put custom recovery, does it remove also those pictures? I know, this isn't Ascend G300 related problem, but I forget it anyway. Ask her why she didn't use a SD card..
  14. Tatoro

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    I got my gmail-notifications back when I disabled that "mail-sorting"-thing, don't know if it had nothing to do with that but
  15. Tatoro

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Anyone else having random SD-card unmounts with this? Didn´t happened with my old 8GB kingston, but 16GB is doing it.

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