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    China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    No one has bought Lenovo K3 note?
  2. Seriously, you want to catch men's penises? :huh:
  3. Gina sounds nice but he may be trans.
  4. Hope KonstaT will include it in the next version. Nova is superior compared to Trebuchet.
  5. Yes. Use Swapper 2 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lv.n3o.swapper2&hl=ro :D
  6. Pie control has nothing to do with hardbuttons. :P
  7. My GPS is also working, but Kik has a wakelock and dead my batteris.
  8. Does work on my blade. What's the most best for 10.1.? :blush:
  9. What part it use? Then there is any room for data? What is exactly does? :blink:
  10. Sir Konsta, Thank You. Effem feels so good. :P

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