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  1. Hello there spacecaker...sorry for disturbing...but I was wondering if any news about V5...I currently use the V4...still some freezes...but much less than the other versions...keep up the good work and if you try implementing new features it will be much appreciated ...P.S. : I don't personally care about the gps :)
  2. thanks a lot execpwd I will try this method and report here if fixed...cheers :D I tried your method and it didn't work...I think the battery needs replaced....I tried 6 times to open my phone...and the 7th time it opened...it seems now its stable...strange..
  3. yes only modification is by installing GBox 2.9.1, lagfix trimmer premium and the game is Lost Jewels.. I think the shutdown happens when the battery reaches critical point under 5 %...but I don't think this is correct to happen
  4. hello...nice rom...but for two days now I'm having random shutdowns...in different actions/locations...for exemple in root explorer, in a game etc. Anyone is facing this issue ?
  5. hey guys...I have one question...any of you guys who installed this rom can tell me if the freezes are gone...because I don't want to ruin my setup on stock rom just to reinstall it again...AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU !!!
  6. hmm maybe notification toggle implementation...UI changes to look like 4.4 kitkat...some scripts thanks to init.d support to give the rom a boost for audio quality very low in our loudspeaker and maybe ram and gpu optimizations....anything you like that would make this rom a better choice over CM...on which I experience a lot of freezes...good luck on this project...I think it can go a long way :D
  7. hey bobbes very nice rom you got here...I like it very much...I can mount rw in this stock rom without the tool...which is very nice...also every feature working great...thinking on a V2 maybe :D ?
  8. i got full day without seeder and theme...maybe that was the cause of freezes...
  9. dial pad touch tones, touch sounds and vibrate on touch are disabled...only xposed framework installed and Gbox...because I like transparent status bar and navigation bar...are the only modifications I made on my side...had a theme but uninstalled it...and seeder but I also uninstalled it...don't know what to do else.. the good news is that today I haven't had any freezes so far...i'll let you know if I have one and the stuff I did before it happened
  10. yes space....I had a Samsung galaxy mini before acer s500 and I know rules of flashing modding etc because I flashed over 100 roms I guess since I got my first android...first day it was okay...yesterday morning....I got a call...everything fine...after that I got message...responded to it...and locked the screen but only the sound triggered...the display froze on the desktop....and had to press power button and volume down for like 5-6 seconds to turn the device off and then back on again...wish you all the luck with this project...rom stable enough for daily driver...gps problem doesn't concern me...only the stupid freezes :(
  11. I still have freezes with this rom...yesterday I had 4 of them :(
  12. EN : I used both versions of the tool ( 0.3 & 0.4 )...very stable and easy to use :) RO : Am utilizat ambele versiuni ( 0.3 si 0.4 )...foarte stabile si usor de utilizat :)
  13. hello spacecaker...the download link is also updated with RC2 ??...because i'm confused...the name of the rom is the same and i don't want to make mistakes.
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